new pics of my gt

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  1. Had the hood painted a few weeks ago. Still need to clean the car and wheels real well when the weather gets nice.

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  2. Want to trade hoods? ;) OEM or aftermarket on the hood? Tempted to go from '95 R style to Terminator style myself.
  3. I wish I could pull of those wheels on my car. The silver works well with tint and black wheels. Thats a good lookin ride man. Keep it looking great.
  4. I love it!


    Nice job
  5. The rear wing delete, combined with the color/wheels looks awesome.
  6. Looking real good, the rims are great!
  7. Looks good!
  8. Nice! I like the clear corner headlights.
  9. I




    car looks absolutely sinister! excellent wheel choice. makes me want lose the silver FR's and go black again.




  10. Looks absolutely Gorgeous as usual bud! Wingless FTW
  11. Looks sweet!! Those wheels look very sharp!
  12. What did u do with the fr500s?
  13. I sold the FR's a while ago.
  14. I think it looks great for the most part... I would put silver accents on the rims to break up the monotony a lil.
  15. Looks great!
  16. Looks great man. I'm redoing my car at the moment.I bought the same wheels in black. Why better looking then the fr500 wheels in my opinion. I will be doing them on laser red and saleen body with no spoiler also. I loved the bbs rk wheels I had but wanted a looks change so went black. Can't wait to see what it looks like! What tires did u go with? I'm doing 275/35 front 295/35 rear. Bfg kdw2 all around.