New pics of my ride....

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  1. Hey everyone i have been gone for awhile. I have new pics of my car with my rims on it and i also have footage of me burning out peg leg but its a good one. If you want to see im me on dstang1302. I have a digital camera now so i can take pictures of everything so ill update with everything i get and got.

    You wanna check out the rims and it stock here .... here
  2. Sweet rims, i love the way the white stands out on darker stangs. :nice:
  3. Wow I just **** my pants!
  4. looks like mine with the afs, did you have any problems with the rims??one of mine is real unbalanced.
  5. Yea my alighnment is off a little bit its only 30 bucs to get that fixed. I have not had my rims on long maybe 2 weeks total i just put them on their. To take some shots and try to get a burnout i got a peg leg. But a sweet peg leg.

    Thanks for chek'n it out
  6. Dude.. I love your car...
  7. yeah it sits nice :nice:
  8. Thanks i was gonna paint it black but i dont know if i want to do that. I kind of like the blue if i dont go black ill touch the blue up or just repaint it blue.
  9. nitrousrush i like the white rims thay go whell with your car.
  10. pic of my mustang
  11. how do i post a picture
  12. You have to have a link to it then you click the image tag and put it in the middle.... Thanks i appreciate it
  13. That's the reason why I ask you the code for your color not too long ago ..hehe
  14. hey

    Good looking car ..... any mods done?
  15. my 2.3l mustang

    a picture of my mustang

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  16. Nice car but thats photoshopped man?
  17. Not chopped, I've seen other pics. Nice custom work. :)

  18. O... Well could i see other pics then