New Pics: Spoiler/Stripes/Grill Delete

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  1. It's been a while since I posted pics and a lot has happened since then and, most importantly, I'm bored. As the title states, the spoiler, gold stripes, and Grill have been deleted and tint has been added since the last installment.

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  2. nice. just lower it and it will look a LOT better. I learned the same thing recently.
  3. Thanks. And, yeah, I will lower it eventually.
  4. Got any pics that show the stripes? I bet the gold stripes look good with the Bullitt wheels. Only on a black car though.

    I also see you've still got the Jarret Bodiford plate frame on there. I've still got Lakeland Automall on mine, but I've been looking to replace it.