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  1. post Pics?

    Since I did a double post of the same thing... How do you post pics without them being an attachment. also I had to cut and crop the pic I put as an attachment to get it small enough!!! How do you make them smaller, there must be a way. Is it the type of camera I am using? Most of the pics i have are about 500kb, way to big to post them here. Any help will again be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. Yeah theyre wat too big. I use Photoshop to resize my pics. Go open an account here. Its free and theyre gonna host your pics. You wont have to use attachements anymore. Although there is a max size for pics. I'm sure 500kb will not work with them.
  3. As for programs to edit you pics, you might be able to do right now. Go to START, in the bottom of your computer screen. Go PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES, then PAINT. Open the PAINT program.

    Click FILE. Go to OPEN. (Once the little window opens, look at the FILES OF TYPE square box. Click on the black arrox and choose JPEG, if that s what your using). OPEN one of your pics. Once the pic is there, click IMAGE. Choose STRETCH/SKEW. You'll see another box with " 100 " on two lines. Simply change the "100" for 60 lets say and you're done. Save your new Smaller picture.
  4. How did you do that? All those are way to big to post for me. Is it because I don't have that many posts and I am restricted to how much I can put up? Thanks Jd200287gt for putting some pics up! :)
  5. It's very easy to do, I went to your cardomain website,
    1) Right click on one of your pictures
    2) click properties
    3)Highilght the address with mouse and either go contrl + c to copy, or right click the highlighted part and go copy
    Address - ""
    4) Go back to your stangnet window, and click on the Yellow square that says insert image, and paste what you copied into there. To paste either right click in the white box and go paste, or hit Cntrl + V

    Repeat steps 1-4, to add more then 1 pictures, the reason why they allow you to do this, is because if everyone had to upload their pictures onto stangnet servers, it would start taking up some space after awhile, so you can link the pictures of other websites...

    I hope this answered your question
  6. Here are some more pics I took today: