~New Pics~

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  1. P1010061.jpg

    Yes i know, Mach 1 chin spoiler. LOL :nice:
  2. Nice stance! I would rebadge it "hotlantic" blue.
  3. car look beautiful man.
  4. looks great. i really like the termi wheels!
  5. Bad a$$!!! I always wondered what my car would look like with 03 cobras and tinted headlights lol.

    +1 on the atlantic blue. Best color ever.. is your spoiler moved back?

    Check out this post of my car to see what yours will look like with a chin spoiler since we both have the same car lol. http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=738540 I love how low yours is man :nice:

    Awome car!
  6. Car looks awesome man.
  7. Damn dude! Your car is slammed! lol.

    And I thought my car with Sportlines was low.
  8. Thanks everyone!

    WOW another 2000 Atlantic Blue GT :nice: Not many where i live, ive seen 1 other one since ive had this car. And yes the spoiler is moved back 2 inches. I got the drop springs off craigslist NEW for 60 bucks :D

    Next mods hopefully are a tuner, chin spoiler and 3:73 gears. Then its saving time for the KB 2.1
  9. no, 03 cobra spoiler instead of mach1 spoiler!!!!!!!!!
  10. The drop is perfect!

    +1 Atlantic Blue!:nice:
  11. Your car's stance is great. I can't wait until I can afford my suspension work. I hate having the 4x4 look :(
  12. Nice

    wouldve been better in Sonic Blue haha :D
  13. hahaha. I was going to tell you to buy a chin spoiler but I guess you are way ahead of me. Nice car. Clear corner headlights are a great visual mod you might want to consider.

  14. Great stance, nice color.
  15. I like you car, it's very nice. I had those wheels and loved them. They were so easy to clean....miss them.
  16. chin spoiler bought and installed!!!!:nice: New pics next time the sun comes out in Washington. So like maybe July :rlaugh:

    thansk for all the great feedback!
  17. Can't wait to see it man.. Awesome purchase:nice: makes the front of the GTs look sooooo good
  18. what tires are on the rear?