New Pics!

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  1. The weather here in SLC was awesome Saturday so I couldnt resist going for a drive and taking a few pics. :) Enjoy!

    Nailing the throttle...


    Hitting Second gear...


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  2. Oh, I do love your car John.... Nice to see a show car smokin' the tires from time to time! I'm still breaking in my new motor, still want to put a few hundred miles on it before I stomp on that 351 in a similar fashion.
  3. Looks awesome, that 2nd pic is now my background
  4. that is so beautiful...
  5. Great photos, I haven't seen your car on the net for a while, your cowl hood was my inspiration last year, unfortunately I took so much heat for having what some called a GM cowl on a Ford that I had to modify it with the original Cobra scoop to appease the local car show judges. Did get me a few more trophies though. Since there are no other II's doing the show circuit in Vegas I am usually lumped in with all the other Mustang years or worse with the COBRA's.
  6. Very Nice, I have never had any GM person ever give me grief about the scoop. They have no case, although it was modeled for a chevelle hood it is certainly not, nor was it ever a GM product. That plus we modified it beyond that by shortening it. I can't say I like the Cobra scoop on top, but I do love your car. Very nice and very well done. That show looks fun, can you post up information about Vegas shows? Maybe i'll try and make it down for one.
  7. Very nice, I love the white and gold.
  8. They are both very nice pics!! I like the second one alot!! Your photographer must have had a steady hand. Seems like when I try to do an action shot in motion, I just can't quite get it.
  9. Thanks, to get a shot like the second one you need a good camera that will take multiple shots per click, with a low shutter speed, and a tripod with a swivel. It came out pretty good but even still is a bit blurry on the nose of the car.

    Option 2 is send the photo to someone with photoshop experiance, and use the motion blur tools to add the motion. The picture above is a combination of both we took a motion shot and then enhanced the motion with Photoshop.

    Even so make no mistake the shot is absolutley real. :flag:
  10. great looking power shot hopefully mine will do that some day
  11. i have seen your II at our auto-rama in slc, if that is your saleen i also saw it last week at our auto expo
  12. Yea, the Saleen is mine also, the Mustang Club asked me to put the Saleen in the Auto Expo. I'm undecided about the Auto Rama this year.

    You should check out the Mustang groups in Utah, great fun! We now have 4 Members with Mustang II's I'm sure you saw Tom's Cobra II there also. We'd love to have another II in the group! :nice: Here's some links..., the place for Mustang and Ford owners in Utah <--- Free Forum For Utah Stang fans...

    .NUMOA. <--- Utah Mustang Owners Association, lots of fun, cool invites to big activities and National scene stuff.
  13. cool i appreciate it!, i will definitely look into it, yes i did see the black cobra II

    ya mine is still a project right now, so far its got a 306 with some mild work (the pic in my sig is actually the engine compartment from my II, i have also lowered the front about an inch, it started out as a silver and black mach1 with black leather interior (which is in great shape) and still has the stock RAD 4

    this summer i will hopefully be doing a t-5 conversion, along with 3:80 rear gears

    its a 100% rust free car.
  14. Awesome then you should for sure get in touch with Tom he did the T-5 conversion in his.
  15. Sweet 78 you got there MSTNG2. l was over at Park City, UTAH last Aug, for the MCA Grandnational. 300 plus cars and only 1 mustang ll. Could of used some company.O well mabe Billings, MT, for the international mustangs .
  16. Dang sorry I missed that one, where are you from?
  17. Hey there, lam from Ricmond B.C. l got a Modified 76 Cobra ll, 302 H O. T 5. 5 Bolt with 17' rims. The car is a blast, loves the highway. Drove to Park City, Utah last Aug, A group of mustang. 3 from Vancouver B.C. 10 from the Seattle area. 2000 miles round trip. Great Road Trip.
  18. Thats 1 Great looking II!
    I too have a cowl hood fitted to my Mach 1 & feel it really suits the look if the car, Heres a couple of shots of it, Hope you like 'em!

    Heres the Hood Decal, This gets so many pics taken its unreal! :)

    And heres one of it doing what I like best!:D

    Cheers, from the UK, Dave.

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  19. Real nice. I recently tried to sell mine on E-Bay and I am glad I did not.

    I cant wait till the weather clears to burn the little 14" skinnys off :D for the new tires.
  20. I just did that exact conversion, used Richmond 3.80 gears and an Auburn Pro posi unit. I have to say I was surprised at how close the gearing seems. I had 3.73 gears in my '98 Cobra with the T-45, so I thought it would be similar, but it's a world of difference.

    I've been working on the cowl scoop for my car, I have it cut down to size and the rear opening shaped the way I want it. Now I'm painstakingly sanding/filing/grinding to get the notch in the leading edge for the hood crease. I'm way slower at this stuff than Vegas Stang is... :shrug: