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  1. WOW!:eek: A RH drive II! Now that's neat. :nice: You'll have to post pics of the dash and firewall in the engine bay. Always facinated on how and what was changed/moved to accomodate the RH drive in popular american cars.

    Vegas....oh Vegas.... Man I really like your car, even love those ground effect rocker pieces you added, nice touch! :nice: However... bolting a scoop to a scoop... :scratch: that's a bit too much. I know, I know, each individal has their own tastes and they should tailor it to their liking... but if I catch you bolting on a 3-tier decklid spoiler I'm gonna come down there, stuff you in a potato sack and beat you with a rubber hose. :D

    Next time some smart-alec judge asks or says something like that about your car, just ask them what they are driving... then let 'em have it!!!!
  2. I just got my SC-124 scoop last week, I love how it looks on CobraII's.
    Just got one question, how did you guys attach it to the hood after the shortening?
    Any pics?
  3. It should have come with the rolled under lip all the way around and also it should have had threaded coils mounted underneath on the lip and the matching bolts sent with it. Then you just measure and drill through the hood and bolt it up.

    I'll see if I can take some close ups when I get home tonight.
  4. Thanks, I just found the kit in the bottom of the box.
    When I opened the box from one end, and slid the scoop out, I never looked any further. :doh:
  5. Cool, add pics when you get it on the car! :)
  6. John, how much work did you do to the underside of your scoop? I'm working on mine now, going slowly, and it sure seems like I'm having to take a lot of material out of the middle front to fit over the hood crease.
  7. Having worked with fiberglass before, (helicopters) I will tell you that removing too much material from that area will lead to cracking.
    Get a fiberglass repair kit from your local parts dealer, and build up the inside of the scoop "nose" for strength.
    I'm going that route even before i start sanding for the crease.
    I also plan to seal the scoop to the hood for water integrity, I don't want crap getting under the mating areas. Likely I'll use RTV.
  8. Actually I did not grind anything out. I was worried about exactly that, (compromising the glass and having the nose crack). The gap left is very small and I have never had anyone ever point it out. Take a close look at the photos in the front of this thread. You'll Note I have set the scoop about 4 inches back from the nose and 4 inches back from the rear so it wont hit the cowl when you open the hood. Notice also you can't see any gap from more than 4 feet away. Vegas has his only 1 inch from the front and left it longer, going all the way to the rear and a very small gap under the nose. It's all your preferance. I took some detailed pics tonight, the gap looks huge this close but it's really not very noticable at all. Check them out on my site ---> Mustang II Mania - Details and Resto Look at photos 4, 5 and 6.
  9. Nice work, hope mine comes out OK.
  10. Thanks for the pictures! I see what you're saying, but I think I would be worried about the flange on the scoop cracking from having all of the pressure on that one point. That seems to me to be more likely than the topside of the scoop cracking due to not having the extra support material on the flange.
    I've already sanded a V out of the flange, and I've got mine to sit fairly flush now. Mine is sitting farther back than Vegas' scoop, but a bit farther forward than yours. I think the back of mine is pretty similar to the way you have yours. Did you bond the back edge (with the folded "reinforcement") back onto your scoop, or leave the cut edge? I'm inclined to leave mine as cut, but I know there would be some benefit from that extra reinforcement.
    Thanks again for being so cool about answering these questions. Like they say, imitation is the sincerest from of flattery. :D
    I have an appointment with the paint/body guy on Saturday. The ball is rolling! I really hope to have my King finished for the big NW Mustang Meet near Seattle in July.
  11. I too copied his look and added the cowl, for two reasons, one to get hot air out of the engine compartment and two, to cover the hole I had from the original hood ornament that was missing when I got the car. I would not have had to attach it so far forward had it not been for that hole. I did however use the hole as an attaching point for the front center of the scoop and after grinding some V into the center of the scoop I JB welded a good size bolt so I could crank down the center as much as possible. I will tell you that these are very well built and can flex quite a bit without showing or (hearing) any signs of cracking. I also added a functional factory Cobra II scoop on top so it is more of a flow thru design and although some don't like the look others do. While in the process of my engine rebuild I have taken the opportunity to cut out much more of the underside of the hood to clear my new manifold/carb setup. Incidently, before you ask, the large hole has not weakened the integrity of the hood at all, you can see that I riveted the hood to the cross braces which were only attached with small blobs of silicone anyway and they had dried and sepperated over the years. Now it is a one piece hood and I will be removing the lprop and adding hood lift struts.
  12. I had the back fold re-bonded to the back for stability.

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  13. Thanks for the great pics! Nice work too!:nice:
  14. CobraIIW, did you ever get your scoop on? I don't think I've posted any pictures here, I've been over on so much I kind of neglect stangnet.





  15. Very nice looking car