New plan for Sadie

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  1. I've come to the conclusion that Sadie's body has way too much rust and I don't have the right equipment, skill, or money to be able to fix it properly. Sure, I can just throw a patch over the holes in the frame rails & torque boxes, etc, but that's not really fixing the problem, nor is it doing any justice to Sadie. And it's gotten to the point where I don't even enjoy working on her because I really can't seen an end to all the rust & repairs that need to be done (the light at the end of the tunnel is a rust hole :( ).

    But have no fear, I haven't completely given up on her yet.

    When I get back from a trip to California at the end of the month, I'll be able to look for a job and start saving some money. We also plan on moving out west (possibly Palmdale, CA) in 2 years.

    It's going to be too much of a hassle to take all of Sadie with us and her body is shot anyway. So I'm going to pull the engine & tranny (all things considered, that's one heck of a good engine), and anything else that is good on her that I might need or want. I'll set all that back with all the new parts I still have and junk the body. When I get out west (home of low rust cars :nice: ), I'll start looking for a new body to transplant Sadie's engine, tranny, etc into. The engine, driveline, interior, etc doesn't matter; my main concern will be a solid body. It could even be a 6-cyl.

    The way I see it, even if I were to do all the work and fix all the rust on her current body, very little would still be the original body anyway. So I'll just be getting her a new body w/o all the work and it's better than totally scrapping her. And to me, she'll still be Sadie.

  2. Well at least you got some decent welding practice with that floor you did. Just make sure you don't let it become a lost dream after the shell is gone.
  3. sounds like a smart decision to me.
  4. how far west are you going?
  5. They don't even know what rust is in Palmdale. Or rain for that matter. But you are making a wise decision, albeit a tough one.
  6. I can now say that this desert rat knows what rain is. Keep in mind the cost of living in Cali is way high. Everybody wants to go there. Check AZ for some more no-to-low rust bodies. I'm sure StDr and Oboe (and the rest of the desert crew over there) can help.

  7. Rust free,ha! There are still rusting hulks of old cars out here. Remember, old cars weren't built like today's cars, so beware.

    Sounds like you're making a wise decision.

    Welcome to California, home of high gas prices, high property costs, high property taxes, high sales taxes, air you can see and cut with a knife, etc.
  8. Wow! Thanks for the support. And don't worry, I'm definitely not going to forget about her. And I know that finding a totally rust free car is going to be pretty much impossible, but something with more managable rust shouldn't be that bad to find. I don't mind bolting on something like new fenders or minor welding, but I just don't want to do the really extensive welding or structure repairs.

    Oh, and I've lived in California before (California City - not too far from Palmdale) so it won't be too much of a shock. I'd like to eventually end up somewhere around Oregon. I've never actually been there, but I've been to Washington, Idaho, & Montana and we're going to try to drive through at least part of Oregon on the way back from visiting my brother (Nothern California).

  9. chelle's going to live with me! :banana:
    chelle's going to live with me! :banana:
    chelle's going to live with me! :banana:
    chelle's going to live with me! :banana:

    all you leg humpers are jealous!


    hit me up if you want any info on the Beaver state.
  10. the low down on Oregon.

    the left side is rainy, the right side is not. The south is hot, cold, and sometimes rainy.

    There is a spot right in the middle where its not so cold, not so hot, and doesnt always rain.

    oh, and there is no salt here. unless you are on the coast. Then its salty air.
  11. Cool, thanks.

    Basically, I like low humidity, mountains (either living in them or at least having some in the distance), rivers & lakes, and trees (but little/no underbrush). I'm not too fond of really super hot or super cold, but humidity plays a big role in that. I like medium sized towns (30,000ish) within about 30 - 40 miles of a large city or big towns (150,000) as long as they are fairly easy to navigate through and aren't riddled with crime (living out in the country near either of those would b e fine too). Living right on the ocean isn't essential, but being close enough to visit it and get back home in one day would be nice.


  12. The town I live in is right at the base of the willamete valley. Its population is around 10,000 or so. The mountains are within 10 minutes drive time. There are two bigger lakes in town, with dozens or more within an hours drive time. There are two bigger cities (big for Oregon) 20 miles north. The cities touch and have a combined population of around 120,000 or more.

    It snowed once last year, and it was maybe six inches. it lasted for a couple of days. It reached 100* this summer a couple of times.

    The ocean is about an hours drive away, the desert is about two hours or less. I can be in sacramento in seven hours, or seatle in four and a half.

    as for underbrush. Rhodies suck! Its actually only parts of the woods that are real brushy, most of the woods are fairly clear.
  13. I'm going to live with monkeyboy! :banana:
    I'm going to live with monkeyboy! :banana:
    I'm going to live with monkeyboy! :banana:
    I'm going to live with monkeyboy! :banana:

    :p LOL

    It does sound nice. We'll probably only have time to drive through the very bottom of the state on this trip, but hopefully we'll have more time the next time we visit my brother.

  14. Who is going to watch the Closet Door?:eek:

    Now the leg humpers are jealous! :(
  15. When I'm visiting in California? I can always enlist the help of Emily the psycho bi-polar kitty (you can try to get on her good side by scratching her belly, but you never know when she'll turn on you), Tennessee the demon cat (you're never getting on her good side), and Romeo the vet's worst nightmare (holding him is like holding a tasmanian devil).

  16. Pshaw! :rolleyes:
    I'll just toss them a few gingerbreadmen! That'll keep 'em busy for awhile! :nice:

  17. Why does that sound Just Sooooooo Wrong! :nonono:

    Trading Sadie for a Monkey...................... :bang:
  18. Sorry to hear your classic is reaching the end of the road. Are you sure you would not be better off to sell it on eBay as a complete car?

    Don't forget that Monkey Boy has a couple of complete Mustangs lying around that need some TLC.


  19. Awwww, Jeeze! And here I was all puffed up proud because you were thinking like me on the ZZTop thing! :nonono:

    Hey, the beaches of Sandy Eggo are only 2-3/4 hours (IF you drive the speed limit :D ) from Yuma; and you drive through some forested mountains to get there! Population (in the city limits) is around 170K estimated, but there's lots of county land around. You could even live 20 miles away in Wellton - population 3,000 people and a junkyard with several Maverick and Granada donors for suspension projects! :banana: Every auto dealership except Hummer and the Italian and British exports; and three FBO shops if your Dad wants to get back into aircraft work.