New plan for Sadie

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  1. I'm not too fond of the desert, though. And Dad is currently working for Northrop. He's already had a job offer for Palmdale but the work he's doing here isn't done until 2007 (they said whenever he's ready, they'll take him). But we're going to stay until 2007 so we have time to finish the house so we can sell it quickly.


  2. Probably not. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have paid that much for her. And I'm not ready to trash her completely anyway. She still has sentimental value so I want to keep at least some of her. And her little 289 really amazes me. As far as I know, it has never had a complete rebuild; just a few gaskets here & there and it runs really well. In fact, after driving her for about 6 months or so, I went to change the plugs and found out half of the wires didn't even have terminals and she really wasn't running bad at all.

  3. I work with a bunch of guys from Northrop out here.

  4. Are there any parts of Sadie you might consider parting with? Think of it as "organ donation" to other 'stangs, a little piece of Sadie alive and well in another classic!

    If so, I would be interested in the plug (and 6" to 8") and wires that connect to the brake fluid distribution block for the brake warning lights. "sally" doesn't have one, and she will be needing it now that I'm upgrading her brakes.
  5. how much you gonna sell the shell for? i want a "rusty" shell to build a monster out of my 68 is just gonna be a fun car
  6. Chelle.

    The weather here has been abnormally beutiful. Its almost 80 out right now, with low humidity.

    just figured I would share :D
  7. I just got back today and I am totally in love with the Oregon coast. Especially around Florence (was planning on going up to Newport then across through Corvalis, but we were running a bit behind schedule so we just went across from Florence through Eugene/Springfield). After I finish sorting through the 600 or so pics I took, I'll post a few.

    As for Sadie, I haven't had time to start sorting through her (and I'm not sure exactly when I will have the time). But when I do, I'd be willing to part some of her out.

  8. Don't let him fool you. This place doesn't resemble Oregon (or that state the an old sweet song keeps on my mind) when you close your eyes and try to imagine it! :)

    Side's why live 3 hours from The Sandy Ego if you could just live there?

  9. You should have sent me an email. I live in the eugene springfield area.

    in fact, its just a bit south on I5.
  10. Maybe next time. This time we only had 5 days to travel more than 2000 miles back home. I think next time we're going to fly out there because it's an awfully long trip and some pretty boring states in between.

  11. I know what you mean, it was 3000 miles for me when I moved out here in April.
  12. Well, I tanked up the Generic (rice-eating) Chevy for $2.769/gallon yesterday. What was the Left-Coast price you last saw before you headed back east? :D

    Chelle, I don't blame you for your feelings about the desert - I feel the same way every May through August! :shrug: And NoCal is awfully pretty (some areas), but it's still part of The People's Republic of Kalifornika: :nonono:

    Back On-Topic; I happen to know where there's this desert-raised '67 coupe..... If God intended her to be mine, He'd figure out how to get me more playtime hours in the day. Maybe "Betty" could become the second Sadie

  13. A Tale From The Big Blue Fuzzy Book of Wisdom:
    During hurricane Katrina there was one older man who stated, "God will provide for me and keep me safe."
    As his neighbors evacuated New Orleans, they stopped and offered him a ride, he replied,"God will provide for me and keep me safe." So they drove off.
    As the floodwaters rose trapping him in his house, a man came by in a boat and offered to take him to safety, again he replied,
    "God will provide for me and keep me safe." So the man in the boat left.
    Later, trapped on his roof, a helicopter came by and the men in it said,"Come with us, we'll take you to safety!" Yet again the old man replied,"God will provide for me and keep me safe."
    So the helicopter flew off.
    The man drowned.
    St. Peter brought the man before God, and he cried out, "Oh Lord, I trusted in you to provide for me and keep me safe, why have you failed me!"
    God replied,"You stupid ass, I sent a car, a boat AND a helicopter, what the hell else did you want?"

    G.W. has said he wants to extend Daylight Savings Time, what the hell else did you want? :D
  14. First time I heard that joke, I was about 10; and I must have repeated it about 10,000 times in the last 3 weeks - every time I heard Mayor Ray Nagin, Senator Mary Landrew, and {whatever the Louisiana Governor's name is} crying into a TV camera about "The governemnt didn't take care of us!!!" :rolleyes: I also was praying that somebody would take each of those individuals aside; slap the snot out of them remind them that (as mayor, senator and governor) they are "the Government" and what the H*** did they do to help the situation??? :mad:

    As for Daylight Savings Time; I heard a similar story. Seems somebody was trying to explain to an old Apache Indian how DST worked and why it was a good thing for him. He asked, "So, if I cut four inches off the bottom of my blanket and stitch it to the top of my blanket, will that make my blanket four inches longer?" Think about it. I've got work lights and flashlights and a really cool pair of mil surplus NVG's. I still gotta sleep sometime. :shrug:
  15. About $2.929.

    Actually, other than I have no idea where anything is and have no car with me, this place isn't THAT bad...just not my cup o' tea. The heat can be adjusted to ya know?

    California is a scary place. We called it the tree hugging land of the hippy. I prefer the east coast much.

    It was pretty least the places that had grass haha. I miss rain though. Real rain, where there is thunder, lightning, and the pitter patter on the roof or windows or whatever is handy.

    Hopefully I'll see rain when I go back home in Nov. :)

    When I DO go home I have to find a new place to live before I return to school in january. As do a lot of people in my unit (the ones out of NOLA.) Those poor guys really are homeless.
  16. I'll say this, I'm neither a republican or democrat (you should have seen my last ballot, it must have looked like a christmas tree was drawn on it...but, then, in Georgia, the differences aren't as big) but i saw a picture a couple days ago of all the school buses in nola sitting in 3 feet of water and the caption read "Democratic Leadership" and then a picture of all the school buses ont he way out of Galveston and the caption read "Republican Leadership" and ain't it the truth.

    This is whyt he founders said that during peacetime (which technically, this isn't but whatever) 80-90% of gov't should be at the local level. It was their job to make sure everyone got out of nola. No the presidents. The president, IMO, was following a primary leadership trait: delegation. It just turned out that he had people under him who were utterly incompetent, and voters in La. who voted for incredibly incompetent people. Not to mention the IDIOTS that stayed in NOLA, a city mostly sitting below sea level, when everyone on earth knew a massive hurricane was about to strike. I mean really, yeah they get a lot of false alarms, but when your LIFE is at stake, I think I'll listen to the mother $%^#@! that's crying wolf ont he off chance that he is right. Know what I mean?

    Me? I feel no pity for anyone who does that, and then shoots at rescue choppers (my unit was helping the rescue efforts, so don't ANYONE deny that it happened) and also goes into the local store to loot, no, not food but 52 inch tvs to sell at a later date. Pardon me while I don't shed a tear.

    The people who took what they could and ran their butts out of town and cam home to find they didn't really have a home anymore: I feel sorry for them, they did wat was in their best interest and still got screwed. That sucks.

    Oh, and did anyone catch the part about how the stories of rape and murder at the superdome turned out to be lies. God, I wish I could find that story again to post for all to see. Turns out the local officials were lying about all that.

    Or how about the parish administrator who was stealing food parcels? Yeah, another person whose life was destroyed to feel pity for.

    White/Black thing? Hell no. It's a stupid and not stupid thing. The stupid people stayed behind and died, the smart people left and survived.

  17. I think the most we paid on the entire trip was around $3.19. I think it was around $2.90ish in Oregon. And back here it was $2.69 the day we got back, but went up to $2.72 today. One thing about Oregon that's going to take me a while to get used to is letting someone else pump my gas.

    We ate lunch in Arcata, CA one day and they were having a farmer's market. It was pretty freaky. A bunch of stoned hippie wanna-be's roaming around and more dreadlocks than I've ever seen in my life.

    Yup, I heard about it on NPR.

    When my brother & his girlfriend came to visit back in April (the furthest east she'd ever been was Arizona), we had a thunderstorm and she was running and looking out all the windows, fascinated with it. She also got a kick out of how flat Missouri is (and it's not really all that flat compared to some of our neighbors).

  18. gas is $2.69 right now at safeway.

    It rained today btw. It was a balmy 65 degrees out.

    I have a feeling that summer is over.
  19. StD - Sounds to me like you're making excuses NOT to follow your dream.... :rolleyes: GO GET THAT CAR NOW!!! So what if it takes 2 or three or 11 years to get it on the road, life's a journey, not a destination and you've already gotten Trish and the couch lump outta the house! :banana: grateful you get any, my work hours are such that I should be sleeping thru prime mustang working (daylight) hours............BUT I DON'T :bang:
    No Money? ME either! I buy what parts I can when I can.................:shrug:

    Chelle - Did you tell your bro's g/f about the tornadoes? :spot:

    HM - weather is about the same here, actually was in the 50's the other night, but with my "tent" over sally's front end, I hope to keep working on her through out the winter except for the most frigid of days......( -15*F, etc., etc.......) :cheers:

    btw - just paid 3.199 for gas, down .30c from two weeks ago.
  20. I hav ea picture i took of a real live hippy in cali, complete with hippy bumper stickers (one said, save a tree, burn a Bush, and his license plate said treehgr.

    I remember the first time I saw snow in wisconsin as a little boy. Rarely snows in GA, (more so when I was in middle school than before or since) so it was a real treat.

    My freshman year of college, the english professor i had told me that there is no such thing as over descriptive, as long as you aren't redundant. She said when she was in college she once wrote a short story and she described snow in it as cold and wet. Not as an integral part of the story of course, just a short line about someone laying in cold wet snow or whatever. So the professor reemed her for it, told her is was excess words since everyone knew snow was cold and wet. Then another student spoke up who had grown up in florida and said she had never seen snow and didn't know what snow felt like. Made the professor feel like $%#.

    You story reminded me of that. And i don't think missouri is flat at all from what little i have seen of it. She should go through southern texas or florida to see flat.