New plan for Sadie

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  1. Or the Oregon panhandle. I drove through there recently too. Since July, I've been to 12 different states. :crazy:

  2. Chelle: Missouri is flat????? Then whattheheck state was I in when I drove down I-44 from St Louis to Waynesville back in May???? :crazy: That was like 142 miles of repeatedly driving back and forth over the Mogollon Rim in N. central AZ. Until about 1 AM Missouri time; I was kept awake by the sound of my Alamo Rent-A-Hoopty grabbing yet another lower gear! Yeah, that state's about as flat as the top of my head :bang:

    I'm afraid to admit that I gotta agree with about 100% of the last post by our resident "Uncle Sam's Misguided Child"; so I won't admit to it! :D Sorry, just an Army thing.
    BTW, 1/2NK now has official paper orders locating her first Perm Duty Station at Ft Polk, LA. It's just outside of Leesville (which tells me just sooo-oo much), and I'm guessing that she reports to the 43rd Veterinary Detachment while there. I just hope she can buck for a transfer to Ft Huachuca (which she wants) or even Ft Hood (which wouldn't be too bad) before the local malaise affects her! :nonono:

    Fuzzy: the other problem is that I just don't have enough room to store the '67 in in a secure and covered place here at the house. My carport and driveway is presently loaded up with Cougars! Even if the kids are gone, the stuff remains. I've considered filing for an "Abandoned Title" on Cleo (NoKitten's '73 XR7); claiming "the owner left the country for parts unknown" :rolleyes: and finishing up the work on that close cousin to a Moose-Stang for a project - Ssshhhhhh! Nobody tell him! :p 1/2 has indicated that she's going to spend a goodly amount of her 3 weeks' time down here searching for a 3/4-ton pickup truck to drive back to Louisiana. Which means the little '99 Maz-Cougar-da is also gonna stay for a while - though it is pretty fun (and cheap!) to drive :D :D :D
  3. Well, it is flatter than California (Eureka is backed right up against the mountains). Her comment: "Those aren't hills! They're small undulations in the ground."

  4. chelle, here In colorado is a great place to looks for a car body. They do not use sal;t on the roads and there is almost no humidity. Things just don't rust here. My 70 has been sitting in the garage for over a year as bare steel and has not gotten any rust on it. Ill keep my eyes out for a decent rolling chassis if you want.