New Plenum test on the way!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 03trubluGT, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. :(
    Atleast you tried! :D
  2. You are WHIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Taking "NO" from a man, you could teach my wife a thing or two!

  3. Boy, that would be nice, but this is turning into WORK! and I can't keep losing money. I don't even have a Tri-Ax yet :notnice:

  4. !!! you don't!? sheesh...i was thinking you should try to get subsidized by a website or magazine for all the testing you are doing..that way the parts and dyno runs would be free :)
  5. :eek:
    How can you not have a shifter?!?!
  6. :( He's currently the only one working and bringing home the $$$. I don't want to push it too far. I've already decided I'm gonna work part-time (once we get moved and settled in) to finance my new modification habit. :rlaugh:
  7. This test is so going to kick arse :D. Thanks for doing this man :nice:

    Come on Accufab!!! Id love it if their 75mm and Plenum flowed best overall. Both pieces look GREAT!!!
  8. From what I have read you need to use the 70mm TB w/ the Accufab plenum as they won't line up and thus causing turbulence in the air flow.
  9. Are you saying that the inlet to the Accufab plenum is only 70mm? That would definately cause flow probs with a 75mm TB if true.

  10. The current Accufab plenum is a 70mm piece, but can be used with a 75mm TB. Accufab is in the process of machining 75mm TBs and they should be on the shelf now, or very soon.


    Check out the Modular Depot thread, I've added new TB/Plenum info and PICS!!!!

  11. Been spending money on other things..... Running these tests aren't cheap, even when the parts are loaned. I have to pay for my gas, the dyno, and the shipping to send the parts back isn't cheap either....

  12. Yeah, I haven't even been able to get dyno'd once... and you're going to get 18+ pulls tmw!! :eek:

    you really are doing such a great service :)

  13. I think I've got about 21 pulls on my car as it is now. I did a baseline, then dyno-d the exhaust, did a ported plenum test, then the test on the aftermarket plenums with the 70mm TB.....

    I'm about done with tests like this after I'm done tomorrow. Any further dynos will be to test upgrades as I go.

    I've got 38k miles on her now.


  14. My wife constantly reminds me of all the work she does "that I don't get paid for, like taking care of kids, cleaning the house, etc....."

    Cry me a river!

    I've more than once volunteered to stay at home and have school days off to my self!

  15. choosing pullies over a shifter is not an excuse Matt :nono:

    anyhow, I'll see you tomorrow.. going to the g2g thing in lewisville now wanna come? :D
  16. Thanks a lot for doing this Matt, really looking forward to the results
  17. How does a shifter get me more HP???????? :shrug:

    I'm at work... Get off at 9:30 pm then head to the gym for LEGS :banana:

  18. Legs suck :D
  19. Alright, back home after work and the gym...

    I have 38k on the car, and I just changed the oil (Mobil1 and FL820S filter) at 37k miles. I am changing the fuel filter in the morning and putting the stock plenum/throttle body back on the car.

    I'm gonna clean it up, pack it up, gas it up (87 octane) and head out to Speedworks for the 12:30 m appointment.

    Hope everything goes well, I'll post a link to the results when KenB gets the article done.

  20. Back from Lewisville.. damn it was pack tonight!

    BTW, is telling the result before the write up is finished okay with you?

    *cough* I can :bs: all I want *cough* :nice: