New Plenum test on the way!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 03trubluGT, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. :doh:
    that mighta been useful :( :D
    it was 40 outside so the tube was really hard and didn't like to flex, we stuck the tube in hot water and the tb slipped on relatively easy then.
  2. ahhh come on.. you can't do that.. just tell us the winner!!!!
  3. :nonono: Now that's not very nice. But I can wait until Monday cause I'm going out of town for the weekend. :D

  4. Seen it? Yea, I've seen it...

    Becuase its ME! I'm the "Matt" in the article that did the first test.

  5. I'm sorry momma. I have to stand by my word to wait for the published article to come out. :shrug:

  6. WoW !!
    Sorry about that Matt, good job !!

    Waiting on your recommendation for my 02 ! :lol:
  7. :rlaugh: I think he'll understand since you're a new member and all. ;)
  8. No problem. :) Were you using the 75mm TB before the test?
  9. Quote
    I think he'll understand since you're a new member and all. Um ok :lol:

    WELL the fact is I JUST bought the 02 yesterday !!
  10. :doh: Crap! It's too early. I thought it said March of 04. :rlaugh: Congrats on the '02 though. :D

  11. No, the Accufab 70mm before the test. I then went back to bone stock for the baseline for the test yesterday.

    Yesterday must have been a good day for the car. She was really strong for the mods I have.


    PS the uncorrected raw numbers were 278 RWHP and 317 RWTQ!
  12. Thanks. ;)
  13. :banana:
  14. anxiously awaiting results.
  15. What were your numbers before the test? :D
  16. Thanks - I just read your (current) modular depot thread. Sounds like the peak gains were similar to your previous tests, but the entire curves will be very interesting. I can't wait for the write up. Thanks again for all of your time and work on this project!!! :nice:
  17. awww come on you got the jump...but i caught u and then i put a leash on u :owned: ...hehe u got 4.10s i have the stock 3.27s and still had u when i looked next to me the front of ur car was next to my door and that was when we looks like i was victorious :banana: i was kinda doing this :spot: la la la la la