New Plenum test on the way!

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  2. Well if you wanted a Plenum... which one would you want :D

    Heh heh had to ask.

  3. I really want the plenum that has the initials "KB" on it :D

    But, right now, I don't have the $5k to drop on one...... :(

  4. Touche Matt... touche... I see I need to dig deeper into my bag of tricks to get this one out of you... that or wait until Mon :bang:
    Still, good job overall of getting this done man :nice:
  5. According to the first plenum test, the test car was making 256/289 SAE. Now the car is making 272/310 SAE with one of the plenums and a 75mm Accufab TB. That's a gain of 16 rwhp and 21 rwtq.! Am I missing something or do I have it correct?
  6. In his thread on modular depot, he states that his car baseline dyno'd a little higher this time, so the gains aren't quite that large.
  7. Hm..My bets are on the accufab wiping the competition but I sort of hope I'm wrong because that thing's expensive but the bling factory might be too hard to turn down. :D

  8. If test cars are the same, mods. are the same, dyno is the same place, and SAE corrected, shouldn’t the two baselines be the same?

    How much difference are the two baselines?
  9. lol this has been discussed several times before, in the L/T's are worthless thread, and the pulley's are worthless thread... even with SAE #'s, a dyno can fluctuate (sp) by 5 or more hp sometimes. Nothing can be exact 100% of the time. Im still new to the SAE/STD # game, but all #'s can flux even on the same day.
  10. Yea, different day is really not comparable.

    Too many factors to take into consideration.


  11. Hmmmm.........that's a "monstrous" gain..........sounds like a dragon!

  12. Remember, the baselines were stronger, so there wasn't that much of a gain, only 7 RWHP at best.

    I guess at 38k miles, she's finally broken in.


  13. I still don't understand why the baselines could be 5 rwhp. diffierent. Guess the first plenum test was flawed if the baselines were not correct. Clearly, the 256/289 baseline in the first plenum test was inaccurate. If the test car baselined higher this time, then the gains from the first plenum test were unintentionally inflated.
    Do you follow?

    If you believe any baseline dyno could be 5 or more rwhp. in variance, then you should also believe that the plenum test should be within a specific margin of variance.

    I am not trying to put down anyone, just trying to state some logic.
  14. And I bet that if he goes back in 2 weeks with his car in identical condition to what it was prior to his tests yesterday, that there would be no possible way his car would dyno the same #'s. He may have a few extra horses, or he may loose a few extra horses. Nothing is that accurate to keep up with all the variables associated with a dyno. If you believe otherwise, then this logic of yours is correct. If you look at the variables "logically" you will agree that there is no way every item can be accounted for in the same way twice.
    With that being said, people put way to much stock in the dyno mumbo jumbo. I love seeing high #'s of us 2v guys regardless if we are NA, S/C, Turbo, whatever, but if you people live and die by dyno's the way you act like you do, you should rethink your "logic."
    Im not trying to be pissy about this, just it gets OLD seeing people blast everyone who posts dyno #'s about how inaccurate their #"s are since they dont agree with it, or they think a machine is 100% accurate.
    Take these dyno's like you should life people... with a grain of salt!
  15. So whats the plenum to get already?
  16. Exactly, but the problem is that a lot of the 2V mods. result in "a few extra horses" as you put it. Therefore, when you add minor mods. like pullies, plenums, TB's, CAI's, ect., the gain some people see could simply be the vairance in dyno runs. That's my point and I think that's yours as well. There are no major gains to be had by one singular mod. except for a blower or nitrous. Those are the only two true power mods. you can add without touching anything else on the car and see some big gains.
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  18. It's your functional hood scoop and MAC CAI :mad:

    I'm up for a rematch anytime.. sorry I could make it to Ennis today :(

    (Didn't you see my tires spun for 10 seconds when I shifted to fourth? :p )
  19. Probably the most accurate way to determine if something added power or torque would be to do 3 or more dynos on different days before and after. Then average the before and after dynos, which would smooth out the variability. If the mod actually added power, then the after average should be higher than the before average. The more samples you take before and after, the more accurate the results. But who has the money or the time to do dynos every day?
  20. I agree and disagree with you 2000GT lol. I know that there can be a few horsepower difference in the same car on different days, but I also know that most "bolt ons" do add some hp to your car. NO "bolt on" can add the power of a s/c, turbo, or n2o, so therefore it is easier to pass off most bolt ons as non efficient since they dont add 100+ hp to the car.
    The fact is most "bolt ons" do add power to our cars overall. Even if the peak hp #'s arent huge, there can still be gains throughout the powerband that can benefit our 2v's in a race throughout the rpm range.
    While our 2v's might have a mere 260-280rwhp compared to other "modded" stangs, we can still have a powerband range that matches or exceeds other more "modded" stangs giving us a good race.
    I for one love to see NA stangs with some "bolt ons" beat up on s/c'd cars that think more hp is better. Ive seen many NA stangs in MM&FF mags with pretty much stock cars other than some wt reduction, average "bolt ons," and a good clutch and tires pull very low 13's and even mid/high 12's.
    If you cant get the power down its pointless you and I both know that.
    I just dont see the point of the same people getting on here time after time and telling guys how pointless their dyno's are because #'s arent SAE, or whatever the reason is. Granted some people dont know the difference, I didtn until not to long ago, but it is frustrating to see people who have the same like of cars arguing pointlessly over some hp #'s.
    We all want the best for our car, hence why we are all awaiting the results of this test!!!