New Plenum test on the way!

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  1. I have the #'s.. but not teh graph.. can't wait the see the result as well :nice:

    I agree with your stanglou..

    gain throughout powerband > peak gain
  2. I was absolutely shocked when the first run was made with the stock plenum and TB and I hit 265 HP. That's what I made with the Accufab and 70mm TB last dyno.

    I can't explain it.

    I can tell you my numbers are without reproach. I did this test (and wrote the check to Speedworks myself) so that this info would be dead on and honest. No magazine money, no advertising dollars.

    This test was done for us little guys, and if you start attacking my credibility, then do your own test.

    I spent $210 on the dyno, $13 on gas, and burned a holiday at work so I could be off (at the expense of over $240) for this test, not to mention the 20 pulls on the car (the first pull was aborted becuase the a/f reader was off, and one of the later pulls was aborted because the EGR was not sealed) and wear and tear. And to top it off, it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get from Speedworks to my son's baseball practice in Mansfield(which I missed half of).

    My test was run as accurately as I could.

  3. thanks for taking the time to do this for everyone.
  4. Thanks Matt !!

    You Rock Man !
  5. Yeah yo get off his back it's not like he gets paid for it. He wanted to know and so he desided to share it with us. :nice: :nice: You go boy
  6. Thanks for your hard work Matt!
  7. Beware of the all knowing 17yr old magazine racer matt.Dont let them bother you.Thanks for the time money and effort
  8. No one is attacking your credibility. It's cool that you are doing this. I am just beginning to question the validity of dyno results in general. What could explain your baseline being 9rwhp higher than your last baseline? Here are a few possibilities:

    - different rear tire pressure (affects drag on the drums)
    - different strap down pressure (affects drag on the drums)
    - cleaner oil this time?

    And last, but certainly not least, they dyno is out of calibration. I think lots of shops don't keep their dyno within the manufactured specs. While I am not a dyno expert, I have to believe that after x amout of dyno runs on a machine, the drum eventually needs to be brought back into spec.

    That's probably explains why guys post wide ranges of dyno results when we are all using similar mods. and we all have GT's. The range likely comes from the different dyno shops, not the from the mods. and not from the cookie cutter Mustang GT.
  9. Hmmm.. I belived Matt said that he did changed the oil the day before the test if I remember correctly. I don't know about the weather being the same from the last test. Well If my car gain 9 rwhp in 2 months then I would be pretty damn happy..

  10. This oil had about 1100 miles on it.

    The last dyno I did I changed the oil the day before.

    I don't know if that might have something to do with it :shrug:

  11. 2 more days until the results are posted :banana:
  12. i hope its worth the wait, been holding off ordering my plenum til i see the results.
  13. Its worth waiting to see the results...Yeah Cotton the hood scoops works.... And the Deleted emblems gives me more horses ha ha ha but i still walked you...we did not go to ennis they were closed so we went to humperdinks and the to loop 12 in a friends car....Are you absolutey sure you got magnapacks cuz the ones i have here look totally different then the ones you have mine look like a Polished glass pack...cant wait to put them on the cobra and the magnaflow on the gt...wel willl run them again sometime k...I will gie u a car or two and maybe the move...hehehe
  14. Bring on the cobra!

    What do you mean if I'm sure that I got magnapack or not? I'll post a pic here in a little bit hold on..

    Just tell me when you're heading out to Ennis.. I need some other excuse for my boss..

    P.S. Don't make me put the BBK stickers that came with the LT on... that's another 30 horses baby! :p
  15. Here's my magnapack


  16. looks great :)
  17. Here's another:

  18. mine look like a POLISHED glasspack... Not big and round like yours
  19. Tomorrow I compile all of the info and e-mail it off to be compiled for the article.

    Sorry for making you guys wait, but I think the article will make it worth while.

  20. dude what are you talking about? You have any pics? Maybe the pack for cobra is different than the GT? :shrug: