New Plenum test on the way!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 03trubluGT, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. I've got everything together to send in tonight while I'm at work.

    This is a lot of data, so the results should be good, but there will always be some skepticism.

  2. All of them said they have round polished mufflers... the regular flow have rectangle muffler I believe. Is yours round?
  3. so it'll still be posted monday?
  4. That will all depend on how busy Ken is. I have e-mailed him the dynos, temperature data charts, and digital pics. He will have to compile the article, send it to me for proofing, and then publish it.

    I'm not gonna make promises for Ken, because it's a lot of work, but it should be up by Tuesday at the latest.

  5. Mine are round like a glass pack and polished in the center not circular like yours...mine are round but not as big as yours
  6. Arrg, the suspense is killing me!!!
  7. now it is tues.!! thats like puting a cobra in your garage with like 500hp and not being able to drive it!!
  8. i know the results but so does Cotton And trublue..And no one will know till maybe tomorrow ha ha....It was not who i thought would win at all....
  9. :bs: lol dude we were rooting for the "you know what" plenum.. and it won..

    EDIT: Oh.. were you trying to make it more of a sound like a surprise? (tease) :p

  10. oh come on man , tell us , whos the daddy of the plenums ???????????????????????????????????????
  11. I'll narrow it down for you...

    It ain't stock plenum :p
  12. Matt when ya gonna do the plenum tests with an s/c ?

    Just kidding, but I wonder if the best plenum for n/a is the best for an s/c car too. Just curious. All the T & J guys are getting a Dragon for their s/c cars. Thanks for all the time, effort, and $$ put into this test :nice: One of you other guys (Cotton B, or Dallasgt01 ) want some free BBK u/d pullies to dyno ?
  13. This has been an interesting article to follow. Looking forward to the results.
  14. My guesses on best performance are:

    1) Accufab
    2) Dragon
    3) C&L
    4) Trickflow
  15. C&L plenium And tb gave me about 12 hp
  16. I think the new bad boy on the block (trick flow) is going to shut the others up , or atleast I hope so because thats what I plan on getting $139 thru summit , HOLLA iF ya HEar me
  17. I hope it does well, thats what I've got.
  18. 1) dragon
    2) C&L
    3) Accufab
    4) Trickflow
  19. I think your right, Tim told me to get the dragon for my n/a. I would imagine it would work the best on a supercharged engine and n/a, only making more power with the s/c.