New Plenum test on the way!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 03trubluGT, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. I believe dallasgt01 already have pullies.. I wouldn't mind testing it.. but do I get to keep it? :D
  2. i have some pulleys...Steeda Lower (Crank) and the March upper (Water Pump) i have for sale the March Lower and the Steeda Upper 50.00 for buyer takes them...60.00 Shipped
  3. Thanks, 03trubluGT for doing the testing on the plenums out of
    your own pocket just to get the actual numbers :nice:
    It will help fellow stangers that might do the the plenum swap
    fined witch one suits them best. :nice:

  4. Well, this test didn't prove a concise winner. It did show what worked best on my car, a typical bolt on GT.

    I did my exhaust first back in May of 2003 so that anything I did to the intake side would be given it's best chance to perform.

    I'm VERY happy for the number in my sig for the mods that I have done. The car was blessed from the factory in some manner. It responds to every mod that I've done.

    Exhaust 23 HP/19 TQ, Pullies 6 HP/6 TQ, Plenum 7-10 HP/7-10 TQ.

    I'd like to go with heads and cams, just deliberating on whether I should or not.

    Looking for the article to be finished today.

  5. Could the results be up today sometime or tomorrow?

    Just curious :D

  6. I'm sorry Matt, but I've got to call :bs:

    JK! I hope it's done today, I've been following this post for what seems like an eternity!!! Good work, everyone definately appreciates your hard work, money, and time spent away from your family while doing email is [email protected], put the winner in the subject line!!! :D[/QUOTE]
  7. 1) Trick Flow
    2) Accufab
    3) C&L
    4) Dragon
  8. 1.) Accufab
    2.) C & L
    3.) Trickflow
    4.) Dragon

    Edit: I'm finally a Stallion! :banana: :D :scratch:
  9. dragon
    trick flow
    c & l
  10. The result will be posted BY 8:00 PM EASTERN TIME. Be prepared.. I'm going to go :sleep: been a long day..
  11. is anybody doing a straight up CFM test on these four ???

  12. That is posted on Accufab's website somewhere....
  13. Tick tock, tick tock
  14. It's almost that time!!!
  15. COME ON! (in a very patient voice)
  16. Stock plenum/TB makes more power than all of them! :rlaugh: juuuust kidding. :p I really like my Accufab 70mm TB/plenum. I felt a nice gain throughout.
  17. Article's up. :D
  18. looks like the accufab won again :)