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  1. New to me anyway!

    Hey guys- I just bought a 99 v6 coupe and I love it so far! I have a few questions though and figure you guys might know.

    -Gas mileage. Wow. I dunno if I'm not used to the smaller tank or what, but it seems like I'm going to the pump twice as often as I did in my ranger. I try not to use the ac often, but I live in a warmer area and its impossible to avoid sometimes. Any way to make my tank last longer?

    -This is my first manual car. I imagine that contributes to the poor mileage I've had. I try to shift around 25-3000 rpm around town, and 3500 on the highway. Am I babying it? It's a 3.8L.

    -I want to throw a cold air intake into it. Does the brand matter much or can I buy the $60 intake kit? What else can I do to this thing for cheap to improve performance? Will it improve mileage?

    That's about all I can think of now. Thanks in advance for any advice, I look forward to hanging out here!
  2. first of all congrats on the new stang!

    just try not to floor it too much and everytime you fill it up make sure to fill it up at least to half a tank (not a fourth or less because that burns up pretty fast). make sure your plugs and wires are good.. i heard that manuals are supposed to actually get better gas mileage? but i'm not positive.. you can baby it but not too much because it's bad for it if you don't let it stretch its legs every once in a while lol :p

    the brand on the CAI really does not matter, go ahead and get the cheap one from i'm gonna be honest with you, it doesnt improve performance much at all, maybe 1hp, 2 if you're lucky. but i HAVE noticed that it saves me a little mpg since i had it installed.

    improving performance? i would say these:
    -true dual exhaust system
    -cold air intake
    -SCT Tuner
    -3.73 or 4.10 gears
    -8.8 rear end
    - longtube headers

    even all of those won't get you a TON of hp.. its so hard to make these 3.8s fast without expensive turbo kits and such lol..
    hope this helps