new problems after throw out bearing/pilot under warranty


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Jul 8, 2020
ontario canada
greetings folks,

first post but avid reader.

my 2017 mustang gt just got a throw out bearing/pilot bearing and slave changed under warranty. there was a whistle while you were just about to release clutch. 42,000 km on vehicle currently. pretty disappointed with the service. originally they said they would change entire clutch but I told them to call me when it was out so I could make a decision wether I should spend money on an aftermarket one if they werent going to cover it since they already have it out. turns out they never called and just changed the throw out, pilot and slave. when I picked car up the pedal bad about 4 inches of free play. it tightened up on the way home. however now it feels very spongy. the engagement point is about an inch from the floor as before it was very high in the pedal - I like it lower but yeah. the main reason for this post is before even with hillstart assist off when you push clutch in rpms would raise aprox. 100 rpm or so. now it doesnt do that anymore. I find that odd. again I like it better that it doesnt do this but I feel like there is a hidden issue going on. ill also mention I already have the factory clutch spring assist swapped for steeda one aswell. is all this normal? as for the pedal it feels so much different then before but I'm not sure if I'm just not used to it or something..still have the stock clutch line. what are your thoughts? thanks appreciate your input! cheers
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