New Product... Aem Wide Band Fails Safe

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  1. I found this product very interesting since there are more users of the wideband gauges today then ever NA, Turbo and Superchargers, AEM just started shipping the kits I have some coming in. I personally have been using the AEM units for years with great success and accuracy, this product packages even more features in the same compact unit.

    Wideband Air/Fuel and Boost in One Gauge!

    The Wideband FAILSAFE Gauge provides the ability to accurately tune AFR, while actively protecting your engine by constantly monitoring AFR curves and activating a user-defined failsafe strategy if it runs lean.

    The Wideband FAILSAFE Gauge is a Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen (UEGO—“you-way-go”) controller with an internal boost sensor, an internal data logger and a full color Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display. It includes technology to activate a failsafe strategy in the event AFR falls outside of a user-defined operating window. If the AFR falls outside of the set operating window, the Wideband FAILSAFE Gauge triggers a user defined output function that can save an engine from catastrophic damage.

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  2. What will they think of next?

    Now, if can only get you guys to stop posting black text from your word processors. o_O
  3. In stock ready to ship $299