New Project

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  1. Good morning. Just bought a 1966 Mustang 289 coupe. Have a couple of questions to start:

    1. Where is best place to get sheet metal, any differences in companies. I certainly am not thinking about using "Ford Motor company originals". Have been looking at Year One, Mustangsplus, etc...

    2. Any advice about replacing the inner wheel wells? Little concerned about getting the truck hinges back in correct position. Outer wells have been replaced.

    3. Engine has been overhauled but I have no idea what they did. It has a 4 barrel Edlebrock and Edlebrock Intake (RPM 289). Are there any exterior markings on heads to identify, havent really looked yet.

    4. With the above, if i added long tube headers, assuming everything else was stock, what kind of hp could I expect? I know its an estimate.

    Im sure there will be more. This is my 6th mustang i think, but first classic for restomodification (if thats a word).

  2. if possible go with Dynacorn sheet metal. you will find the cheaper metal just that, CHEAP. you can get the correct measurements for the trunk hinges here on stang net so that will not be a problem .replacing the inner tubs with the outer tubs in place will be kind of tough but it can be done