New projector Lights for 99-04 Mustang

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  1. Man those black ones look pretty cool. I love it when someone has a car like that and isn't afraid to beat on it like that. Gotta love the sound of a supercharger!!!!
  2. First line of description paragraph: "Don't miss this latest style of projector headlights for your Mitsubishi Eclipse."
  3. I got these a couple days ago. Install was quick and painless. Still didn't drive it at night. I am satisfied with them so far. Tell me what you think.
  4. I like both styles, just depend on your taste. The black ones do like good on that Cobra.
  5. Great
  6. I think that anything that gets rid of the amber signal lense is an improvement. I just wouldn't get projectors because of all the problems I've heard of with adjusting them. Now the smoked lights- that's another story :D I think they look awesome.
  7. I dunno I heard those projectors and HIDs get pretty hot. Hot enough to cook up a big batch of RICE! :)
  8. Look way to bling'd to me.
  9. I really like the way the look, changes the front end alot. The only thing I would question are quality issues. A known problem of aftermarket headlights are they tend to have a leak in the seal, where water can get trapped and fogs up the outer plastic.

    Oh yeah, time to drop your car!
  10. I am not really familiar with what I need to do for that? I saw some Ford Racing springs for sale. I that all I need to switch or do I need to change the struts/shocks?
  11. I think those lights would look best on a black or silver car. They do provide better visibility at night.

    Anyone interested can have them for $150 shipped. Had them for less than 2 weeks. You can save $150 off ebay.
  12. Are they Chrome or Black?
  13. umm I just changed my Mind about projectors after seeing that red mustang with the chrome ones They Look Sweet!!!
  14. Well I've wanted to do this for a while but couldn't decide between the chrome or black. That Red GT made it easy.

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  15. Looks good but beware the curse of water. In less than a month you might have Projector fishbowls on your car.
  16. If I do get water I'll post about it.
  17. I just ordered a set of the black ones. When I get them i'll post pics.

  18. Minimal difference if any with NON OEM projectors. You can argue all you want but in the end NON OEM projectors for stangs=RICE!!! :notnice: