New projector Lights for 99-04 Mustang

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by ultimate007, May 6, 2005.

  1. What did you pay for Black? My Chrome were $203.79 shipped.
  2. You can argue all you want but in the end a Mach 1 grill delete and chin spoiler on a 2002 GT=POSER!!! :notnice:
  3. Minimal difference with what? And "non oem" projectors for stangs is all there is. And I'm not really arguing. Projector lamps are superior to reflector lamps. That's all there is to it.

    And rice is defined as style outweighing function. Altezzas aren't rice, there are, afterall, functional. Whether they look good is a matter of opinion.

    Like the fake scoops on our cars. TECHNICALLY, they are rice. :shrug: That's the way it is.
  4. $199.90 shipped from the seller blueovalindustries on ebay.
  5. Got my lights today, I'm going to install them tomorrow and take pics.

  6. Well, after seeing them, I'm leaning more towards a :notnice: than a :shrug:

    Still would like to see them installed though.
  7. Pictures don't really do them justice i think (and my crappy camera). They look cool in person.
  8. The projector shapes don't flow well withthe assemblies.
  9. I think it looks pretty awesome Deathmetal, awesome job :)
  10. Thanks, I like em. I think the car looks more evil from the front.

    I think what I need next are black bullits and window tint.
  11. Don't forget lowering springs
  12. Well, it was my first night driving with these lights, and i'm not very impressed.

    Sure the beam is much brighter, but the range doesn't seem that great. The beam is also jagged, and the passenger side light seems like it is aimed lower. Also, the driver side light is fogging up, these lights don't seem to be very high quality. The stock projector lights on my cougar are much better.

    How do you other guys with these lights like them at night? Any fogging issues?
  13. Like yours my passenger side needs to be adjusted up a little to match the other. But I think they are brighter and have better range than the stock lamps and the hi-beams OMG. I haven't seen any fogging with mines but it's only been 2 weeks.
  14. Sorry if I missed it.. but where did you buy yours from Jeff?
  15. eBay the sellers name was Symmic.
  16. Anone know how to adjust these lights? Also, Jeff what brand are your lights? Mine are Eagle Eyes.
  17. Mine are Eagle Eyes too.
  18. One of the big problems with these lights is adjustability and the fact that at night they don't really work any better then the stockers. I had the projectors on my car a few years ago and they were way better quality then the newer versions and still the light beam wasn't able to be adjusted were it needed to be. I wound up buying a set of cobra headlights and the ability to see again while driving was wonderful. The projectors look great but they are headlights designed to light the way in front of you at night, and if they don't do it as well or better then they are a waste of money. Maybe if you tried the HID bulb conversion then they would be bright enough????