New projector Lights for 99-04 Mustang

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  1. Added clear fogs today to go with the projectors. I don't have any problem with the brightness of my projectors just need to raise the pass. side a little no big.

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  2. this has nothing to do with the projector lights, but i was looking at your pic and i noticed your chin spoiler. Are those just for preventing your body from scraping things when you lower your car?
  3. they are called mach1 chin spoiler. It was standard on the Mach 1. used to be really cheap body mods. and really enhances your front end. But i think now they stop making it, and getting really hard to get one or something like that
  4. hmmm...I'm still undecided on the black housing as on the Cobra it looks good but on that GT it really didnt do it for me, I think they skimped on the blinker molds & design....the chrome is rice although on the yellow car it looks I dunno if the camera angles are messing this up or not. Thanks for posting pics.
  5. I sent the seller an email about this, and he said there should be two adjusters on each headlight which you adjust with a phillips head screw driver. I don't have enough time to check it out right now, so I will tommorow.
  6. Yea Wonder how the adjustments went.. I am interested in buying some projectors because my stock ones are aged really bad and my lights are pretty dim!
  7. How did it go!
  8. What I don't understand is that you pay $300 for a light set, and they do not come with a legal side reflector (amber), heck even a clear reflector would be better than grey plastic.

    I can't believe this JDM no side reflector stuff is leaching into our scene now, how wierd...

    At least authentic JDM non reflector side markers are amber...

    I can see it now, even the tuner guys calling segments of the Mustang crowd ricers... :(

  9. You could call me a poser too, I have chin spoiler and grill delete, but I can still smoke your Mach... :flag:
  10. I can see they look okay on bright colored cars, and also on black. What do y'all think about them on mineral gray? I'm leaning toward the black version, since I'm going for black trim in other areas.
  11. Oh...and I put in a chin, and I'm also doing the delete. It's not that I want to pretend it's a Mach, it's that I like how those things look on my car.
  12. :Word:
  13. Advantage of halos on a mustang - ricer see's halo headlights in his mirror and thinks its another ricer friend wanting to race. You then fly by him and all he sees are your tailights cuz you blew him away. He will be left scratching his head wondering what the hell that was.

    No for real though they look good as long as they are the black ones and not chrome.
  14. Why the hell was this year-and-a-half old thread revived? :shrug:

  15. I got a chin spoiler and grill delete too, i guess im a poser then also.:notnice: But the mach 1 grill looks way better then that weird honeycomb grill from the factory:puke: But the chin spoiler just looks sexy on any stang IMO. Mach 1 or not.