*New Purchases* + Questions and Opinions welcome!

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  1. Try to guess what i'm doing:rlaugh:
    So far:

    Free '97 shortblock (spun a rod bearing, may or may not use crank based on that)


    New Manley H-Beams with ARP rods bolts




    SCT Big Air 2400 (pending sale)

    255lph Walbro Inline pump, soon to be coupled with 255 intank pump using stock lines

    - First of all if I told you guys how cheap I got each of these pieces you wouldn't believe me - so I wont.
    - Block has a hot date with MMR starting halfway through December. They've agreed to keep it for awhile after checking to block to see if it need a boring job (4.7L FTW?), and checking the crank. That way they can hold it while I shop around for pistons (.20 over or stock) and maybe crank.
    - Not sure what I'm doing for crank right now. May use this one, it may need a thousandth taken off. May find another. May find an 8 bolt cobra crank and have to buy an 8 bolt flex-plate.
    - Stock 2000 GT flexplates will work for 8-bolts right?

    - I'm taking opinions of what people think I should do. I've researched many routes for this build. I'ma let stangnet have some fun in working through my wallet - especially since there's no rush on this, it's mainly a through '09 build unless I put the shortblock in with my current heads earlier and do boost after that.

    - My housemate is trying to get me to go single turbo:shrug:

    - First question: Should I have MMR put in a high flow oil pump while they have it? At what power level is it required.

    - To give you guys an idea of power target, refrence the SCT 2400 MAF and stock fuel lines, stock fuel rails, and no fuel tank sump.

    ~Thanks got the long read~

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  2. Finally got to join in the "new purchases" bandwagon threads.

    I'm thinking 18CC pitons?
  3. WOW Chris!!! making some major moves there huh???

    I vote for a single turbo or procharger D1SC setup....That will be one Nasty, consistent car with either 1 of those setups.....:hail2:
  4. Stepping it up!
  5. Suppose so - so far a nice casual build that I hope to take my time with and enjoy, which is why I'll entertain people's sway on what the final product will be. Should be nice too - i knew i build my trans for 550 reliably for a reason!
  6. I just like the idea of a forged shortblock sitting in my backyard (under the awning and covered of course). I may even eventually sell it being that I'm getting such steals on the parts so far. But the idea of a boosted forged 4.7L will proly grow on me a bit too much to do that.
  7. I think we are all thinking boost! Good luck man, that's a great idea to have an extra block built over the long term.

    I might be pulling the trigger this week, I'll shoot ya a PM so I don't hijack this thread.
  8. Feel free. This is a good thread for anyone who has questions/discussions about a build, what internals to go with, what's needed for 400-500rwhp, 500-600rwhp ect. Yeah, i like that i got the shortblock for free too - just my price.
  9. Hey cobrared nice first of all! How much are you looking at for MMR to do all this?
  10. $300 to bore .20 over if i need it. Which isnt bad since that's only $37 a cylinder and they have to angle hone (or whatever you call it) and double torque plate. Balancing is $150 of full rotating assembly. It'll be $50 for MMR side block bolts for 500+rwhp apps. I think that's all, +bearings.

    Got the SCT2400 BigAir and an adapter plate for almost the price of a LMAF.

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  11. single turbo ftw!
  12. I say twin turbo, Hotmustang331 style!!!!
  13. Definately turbo dude:banana:! That would be friking awesome. Plus id love to follow that build
  14. Definitely not doing twin turbo. My big turn off right now for turbo is all the piping. I've seen the set-ups that use the stock k-member and manifolds and piping is going everywhere making basically no ground clearance. And otherwise you need a tubular K-member and coilovers which is expensive and turbo manifolds which are like $800 and you're not even making power yet.
    Plus it means more down time for the car. Drop the engine out, new k and coilovers and now you start fabing up the turbo parts. I'd rather it be a cleaner transition than that.
  15. I say supercharge it at a lower compression and purchase your parts through a great local vendor. :shrug: I helped Pierre install a V2 E-Trim yesterday and that was as easy as could be. If him and I weren't doing other things, that thing would have probably taken only a couple of hours.

    As for rods/pistons, I've got Manleys on mine, and thought they were great bang/buck for what I'll be pushing mine to. What do you plan on doing for/with your heads?
  16. :rlaugh:I will if need be Patrick.

    The compression will be like 8.9:1 with 18CC pistons that I have yet to look for since i'm not sure on the bore yet. It's not the block that's in my car so I can make it what ever I want for now.
    I plan on using my MMR stage II PI heads on the new shortblock. Take my engine out, swap over stuff like timing cover, pulleys, manifolds and then the heads to. Plop her back in. My main beef is my cams - if i don't go turbo i'll need to switch them out. Luckly they are worth as much as a good stage 2 blower cam.
  17. Sounds like a good build if you ask me. I've been very hesitant on going turbos for a while because while the power is there, it's a lot of extra work, and something you could do with a supercharger also just as well, for a lot less, and hassle too. The supercharger is a true bolt-on. I haven't looked into the exact cam specifics, but I always thought that they were somewhat similar, or people are selling a generic enough blower cam which would do fine for both power profiles. :shrug: Crower is down here in San Diego, so worst case, you can roll over there and pick at their brains.
  18. The VT stage 1 N/A cam I'm running is similar in spec to a turbo cam and made great power with 03Hotmustang's TT build - but a blower cam will have a much broader LSA than my 110 - so i'd need to switch them out.

    Been thinking about this route too: http://forums.stangnet.com/763707-new-tork-tech-videos.html, mainly second page. Emerson and I was talking about it last night.
  19. To Cobra crank it or to not Cobra crank it? That is the question.