*New Purchases* + Questions and Opinions welcome!

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  1. looking great Chris.

    Patience pays off, you obviously have it. Best of luck to your build. I sign on but don't read the boards as much so shoot me a PM when things come together.
  2. Double check what? They bored the block, balanced the rotating assembly, supplied me with their sidebolts, and some Manley piston rings and some main bearings. Not exactly sure what I can check about any of that.
    I'm not running an MMR oil pump.

    The fuel insert should be fine, it's no sleeper or sumped tank but I know a pair of people running them with serious set-ups and no problem. Plus i see a bunch of people online use them with no problems. It's basically the insert MMR sells just used. Sloshing is to worry at the track or if I road raced which I don't, but im not going to do any serious periods of full throttle or go to the track without more than a 1/4 tank anyways.
  3. thanx for the updates man....keep us informed....... :)
  4. Electric fuel pressure:

    Have some more actual fun stuff that i'm compiling and will post up when i have it together.
  5. wow Chris...... keeping getting better :nice: :flag:

    keep up the good work man
  6. Oh yeah, forgot. Got a "new" wheel for $15 cuz mine is crusty:
  7. :eek: where did you find a $15 steering wheel? nice find :D
  8. sn95forums, cool guy too.
  9. Firmer ford racing uppers and adjustable MM lowers (am replacing these with XD's)

  10. Whats a "srinlkler"? :scratch:
    EDIT: Love the sound of that thing! :drool: You have 4.10s right? Are you gonna add a tach or switch out the cluster?
  11. sprinkler :D i've seen a few times right getting the car washed in cali that you get bathed by someone's sprinker that happens to turn on just as you pass :(
  12. Srinkler is code - you wouldn't understand. I have 3.73's, it just revs up quicker since putting in my cams and heads. I plan on changing out the cluster with a 96-98 cobra one.
  13. Are you in Arizona?
  14. La Jolla is in SoCal
  15. actually i thought you were gonna say TJ as in Mexico :D
  16. He asked where i am, not where it was shot
  17. i know... haha..... :p
  18. Nice man. It sounds awesome.

    I've been wanting those FRPP uppers for a while, and you can't go wrong with MM!