New Record sale price for a Fox Mustang?

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May 19, 2021
I'm trying to decide if I need to sell mine now or just keep it. I feel like we're at the peak here.
My advice. Keep it. Don't be one of those people that regrets it later!

You're young enough that the value will come back up on it after it normalizes some, imo.
I'm young enough (35) that I am not terribly concerned. Looking at it like everything is on sale!
Great way to look at it (once again, at your age).

I, and Limp apparently, have to have a little more conservative view on it, due to the time standpoint.
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Feb 3, 2009
I'm interested to see what the 4 door variant ends up selling for. Clearly not as high, but should be fun on the last day.

If I ever get another Fox, it'll likely be one of these lesser known variants.