New rims for Murphy

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  1. I'm getting ready to buy some new rims for Murphy. I've decided on Torq Thrust D's but I can't decide on 14" (what dad's pusing for) or 15". What back spacing would I need?

    So far, the cheapest place I've found (and a company that I know is reliable) is through Summit Racing. Anyone know of any other reliable companies that has them cheaper than around $150 - $160 each?

  2. Chelle! There was a backspacing and tire size chart posted awhile back, I think Oboe may have stuck it into his FAQ sticky. Meantime I will see if I can dig it out of my computer files (I've got it saved.....somewhere):shrug: When I do I'll e-mail it to you.
  3. Thanks.

    I'm still having a hard time convincing myself that it's okay to pull $600 out of savings for rims. I really do want new ones and it's about time for new tires so I might as well get them, but that's an awful lot of money . . . and I have next weekend off and set aside for doing work on Murphy so I need to convince myself fairly quickly . . .

  4. NP!
    I don't have any choice about spending money right now as I am on "sabbatical" from work, and as of last week no more income, probably for at least 8 to 10 weeks.
  5. i bought mine from a place in kansas,, with shipping, lugs, valve stems, and center caps, they still beat the daylights out of summits price. you have to give them a call for the best price, though...
  6. Cool. Thanks, I'll give them a call tomorrow.

  7. go with the 15" tires are a little easier to find for them than the 14", plus they just look better IMO. i'd suggest a 15x7 with a 215/65-15 tire, that should be the same diameter as stock and have enough meat on the road without being excessive. you might also check out the T70R "Rocket" wheel. one of my favorites that they just came out with. i think these will be the new TorqThrust II in a matter of months.
  8. Those aren't bad, but I like the older style torq thrusts. My idea is once I get the car painted (Wimbledon White) and get the black vinyl top on, I'm going to paint the grey part of the rims either flat black or a really dark grey.

    I am seriously leaning towards 15". Dad was trying to talk me into 14", but I just like a slightly larger rim.

  9. Go with the 15" rim - you will be glad you did. The standard back spacing on these is 3 3/4" which is what I have on my 65 coupe with 215-65-15 T/A's. Looks very good and fits fine on my car.
  10. Gonna order them today.

    15" x 7"

    Through that Fast Lane Speed & Rod shop, it's $640 delivered with lugs, stems, and caps.

    Through Summit, it would have been $691.55 delivered with the lugs and caps, but no stems.

  11. On second thought, screw that place. I've been trying to call them all day and they won't answer their phones. I'm just going to order through Summit. It's $50 more but I can order online and they'll most likely be here in a few days.

  12. ya know Summit will price Match!!!!
  13. Oops. Too late now. They probably only would have price matched what was listed on the website which was pretty close to Summit's prices.

  14. WOW! The rims just got here. That was QUICK. Poor mail man had to run across my muddy yard through a torrential downpour (we're under severe thunderstorm warning) carrying 2 rims at a time. Poor guy. But the rims are PURDY!!! :D

  15. So why aren't they on Murphy yet?


  16. Probably because Miss Chelle doesn't feel the need to run across her muddy front yard, in a torrential downpour, carrying two rims at a time! :doh:
    I have to agree with my Esteemed Azure Colleague on that senitment :shrug:
  17. Oh please, the UPS dude didn't melt, the rims didn't melt and I seriously doubt, no matter how sweet our dear and wonderful EVIL OVERLORD, MISTRESS of MALIGNANT METAL, and KEEPER of theCLOSET KEY that she is made of sugar and would melt in a wee bit o' rain!:nonono:
  18. Because I work 12 hr mid-shift and they came in 10 minutes before I had to leave for work and I just now got home from work. Give me a few hours to sleep and I might go out and at least get the car up on jack stands and get the old wheels off. Might possibly take the new rims out tonight to get some tires.

  19. Why even bother going to work? We all know you were too excited over your new rims arriving that you were less than productive!:shrug:
  20. Actually, I made my quota depsite the line going down constantly for the first 4 hours.