New rims for Murphy

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  1. Here's a pic:




    Not much better of a pic, but here they are:

  2. Finally got some tires mounted. Went to one Walmart and they said they had the tires I wanted, but it turns out they only had 2 so we had to run to another Walmart 40 miles in the opposite direction. They had them and I warned the guy that they were brand new rims and he better not scratch them so he was extremely careful and did a fantastic job.

    I ended up going with Goodyear Eagle H2's 215/60/15 and they look good. I was debating about going with 65's or 60's but I'm glad I went with the 60's. With Murphy his current color (turquoise) the torq thrust's will look okay, but once I get him painted white with the black vinyl top, he's going to look absolutely AMAZING!

    It's getting late so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to put them on.

  3. chelle-

    I'm glad you went with the 15" rims. These are the exact ones that I ordered, but like your father, mine went and ordered the 14" :( granted they still look great, but I always wondered what the 15" would look like. The rims really are the icing on the cake, Have fun!!!
  4. [​IMG]

    Ta Da!

    Still need to put the center caps on, but I need to retorque the lugs a few times first (the socket won't fit with the center caps on).

  5. Ooh! Purdy!:nice:
  6. Noyssssssssssseeee! :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  7. :scratch:
  8. "Nii-iiii-iiiii-ice!" in kid-speak.

    EDIT: Being so much older than me; I understand why you needed the translation :rlaugh:

    Now, don't get all "huffy"; lets just hoist another :cheers:
  9. Oh, By the Way.....

    Miss Chelle;

    IMHO; Murphy looks good in his present color (isn't that Twilight Turquoise?) with the TTD's.
    The package says "I used to be an island pretty-boy; but now I'm all business!"

    Remember, his one-year-younger brother looked good in TTD's and Highland Green, with McQueen at the wheel........
  10. Thanx for the translation into geezerese.:nice:
  11. The original color was frost turquoise. This color was done by the previous owner. Don't know if it's an original ford color or not (don't think so), but I hate it.

  12. It helps that I still have a teenager and a 12-yr-old in the house. :p

    If this were still like 1985, Jessie would probably be like the the quintessential "Valley Girl". But it isn't; so she isn't - thankfully!

    Matt's the "chameleon"...... he generally fits in with whatever crowd he's hangin' with. Good on the back of a horse; shows his 4H goats like second nature, good with a football, and can make his "Wave" skateboard move uphill. Oh, yeah; I forgot the trumpet! And he gets along with whichever group he's in. :nice:
    (Pretty much everything his old manwasn't at that age) :nonono:

    Jeeze, maybe it's the color rendering on my laptop; but I thought it looked pretty good. :shrug:
    Okay, you're our EVIL OVERLORD, the Mistress of the Malignant Metal; if you want Wimbledon White, you get Wimbledon White! :hail2: But, if you're gonna to go with that, you've gotta get the black "Extruded Tailight Panel" - give the old boy a little "mean". :nice:
  13. It's actually a lot brighter than twilight turquoise. In fact, I believe the sticker in the door jamb from when the previous owner had it painted says the color is "bright turquoise".

    Actually, I totally planned on doing that. :nice: When I get the car painted (already have a guy picked out to do it, just gotta get a house first, then save up some more money), I'll also repaint the spokes on the rims either black or a really really dark grey and I'll paint the tail light panel to match. I'm also eventually going to paint the back drums and the front callipers black since you can actually see them now.

    BTW, I now have 4 wheel covers in okay shape to sell if anyone wants to buy them.

  14. In other words, he's cool and you weren't!:D
  15. Ka-BUMP!!!

    It's been FOUR lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng years, but sally finally has (two) wheels on the ground!:banana:
    She is still essentially (1/2) rolling chassis w/o doors and minus the driver side fender but this is to be remedied soon. :banana::banana:

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  16. I got my TTIIs (15".. they look great!) from a guy on ebay. Came with caps, stems, and bolts and cost about 625 total shipped. I was happy. A lot cheaper than summit (at the time, the same wheels were nearly 200 each on summit).
  17. Ummmm.... errrrrrrr..... Hey Fritz; isn't Sally sitting a little "tail-high"? And the wheels look to be a little close to the front of the wheelhouses. :scratch:

    Or were you just "mocking it up" to mock us? :p
  18. No, it's the angle of the photo, plus the nose is still up on stands, w/o a drivetrain.
  19. A Letter From Sally

    Dear StDr,
    My daddy (the BBFCM told me about those hurtful things you said about the way I was standing on my new "sneakers". Well daddy finished (almost) the job today and I now am standing on all fours again for the first time in four years. Yes my knees may be a bit wobbly yet, whose wouldn't be after all that surgery! But I think I'm BEAUTIFUL even if I'm still missing my drivers door (daddy is still working on it! :( ) I am multi-colored and I still need some body and paint work!!!
    If you disagree, I invite you to come say so to my grill-less face so that daddy can have a 1/2 doz. undocumented latino immigrants push me back and forth over your gray old ass!
    Love sally X O X O
    p.s.- Here is my most recent "Glamour Shot"

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