New Rims! (They make me wanna cry)

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  1. Here's some pics of my new rims...oh wait, I mean here are some pics of my rims that were stolen last night. What kind of dirt bag does this? I can't afford new rims, I don't know what to do... :(




    At least I got some brand new cinder blocks in return.

    They threw my lug nuts in the grass.
  2. whoa,that sucks!.
    any camera's around there?
    i'm sorry that happened to you.

    (no wheel locks?)
  3. What were they?

    insurance should cover that
  4. No cameras around unfortunately. And apparently locking lug nuts don't matter to a determined thief.
  5. insurance? :shrug:
  6. must have been stalking your car.
    notice anything unusual lately?
  7. And I had to drop down to liability to afford law school. So no insurance. Now I just have no car essentially. Here's a picture of the rims before last night...

  8. Home owners or renters insurance perhaps?
  9. No renters insurance either...anyone want to buy a 94 cobra with no wheels?
  10. I just saw i set of those wheels on craigslist for $275. they were in Lansing, or Detroit Michigan, i don't recall which. Hope that helps you get them replaced. Sorry that happend to you.
  11. where are you located? maybe some could loan you some for the time being untill you can afford new ones?
  12. I live in Knoxville, TN. While I appreciate that, I wouldn't take them. I have the factory rims available, they are just 3 hours away and I have to find some way to get them. It's just so disheartening to know that someone could do this. By the way, if you live in Knoxville, get out while you can. I've lived here for 2 1/2 years and been hit-and-run once, and robbed twice now.
  13. where do U live?? Also..I had this happen to my friends car..they did it while we were in the bar...waaaayy sum1 already said..they were stalking the car and seeing how long u park it and where.. no one (almost no-one) randomly just sees a car and snags rims..unless U in Newark NJ way back when... And yeah, unfortunatly for the non-thief, they sell universal wheels-lock tools from snap on and evey wheel/tire shop has them.. Keep a look around..and when/if U see them...wait till they parked and make sure when you call police you can prove (and they are) that they are yours.. hopefully you can B 100% if/when U see em... Good luck man..and, be careful when it comes to "revenge" if you find them.. obviously they know where you park your car.. I'm just sayin... Again...I'm sorry some lowlife pice of ***** had to steal your wheels insteada working and buying there own set...
  14. Yea that's what I figured, someone knew where I parked. Someone else got hit too, but apparently the thief couldn't get the rims off before being scared away. Guy drove down the highway this morning and his front wheel fell off. If I ever do spot them, which I'm sure I won't, I could 100% say they are mine. Something very unique about them that only I know.
  15. Most locking lug nuts are pretty easy to get off. Thats why im a big fan of using 5 different locks on each lug on each wheel. They can still be stolen, but it will take a lot longer.
  16. where is 3 hours away.
    if close ATL i may be able to pick them up for ya and meet you half way,
    no joke
    I would steal a man's 2nd set of wheels. or the first either.
  17. Yup, if the wheels permit use different locking lugs, some that the key slides over the lug, and sume that slide into it (if how i wrote it makes sense) When I used to build Hondas for people, ( I know I know...bad always have built Domestic cars too!!) we had sooo many wheels get stolen we were using 4 different types of locks on each car..still 100% not impossible to steal..but sooo time consuming that 99% of theives wouldnt wast the extended time it took to get them off...
  18. O.K....Well, there is a chance, and it wont be when your out looking for them, it'll B a random tiem and place and if you see then you will see them and get that feeling...i know it sounds weird, LOL, but ti;s happened to me..and if you can get close enough and verify;s gonna get interesting.. and, not to condone fighting or viloence, lol, but I would keep a nice big breaker-bar in your car with you for a lil while incase you do see them and you call the police, they thief is gonna wanna get the fu*k outta there asap once they see U car... The breaker bar is just to have, or a bat would be good
  19. OP: Sorry that happened to you. I know what it feels like, although every time someone stole something from my car, it was in my own driveway (in the lower 48). I was so mad, I almost got drawn on for scaring the cop--spontaneously punching the side of your pickup while the officer is looking in the cab isn't a good idea, even if it is a safe outlet for your frustration--I scared the crap out of the guy!).

    Be smart. Wheels aren't worth dying for. Justice will be served, in due time.

    Wheel locks aren'tt really going to slow someone down if they have the right tools (about $100 bucks from NAPA). Doesn't matter what kind of lock it is, you just hammer it on over the lock, and back it out. Putting multiple different types on the same wheel is only going to annoy you and anyone at the tire shop. The thieves aren't using the keys to the locks, they're using a universal removal tool.

    If you're a dishonest thief, you don't even have to buy the set, you can steal it from any tire shop.

    I threw my locks away. If a thief wants my wheels, he's gonna take them. The harder I make it for him to take them, the greater the chance he's gonna screw up my car in the process.

    Plus, not too many people dumb enough to do that up here. Everybody knows everybody, you're sure to get caught, and pretty much all the honest folks pack up here, so you can bank on getting introduced to the discharge end of a .44.:flag:
  20. They are in Springfield, TN. Half hour north of Nashville, so in the opposite direction of ATL. Thanks though I appreciate it.

    What really irritates me is that there is a newer Stage II Roush that parks within sight of my car at the complex. Not that I'm wishing my bad fortune on someone else, but if I were a thief I would have taken his rims, they are much nicer than mine.

    I'm not gunna risk my life for my wheels. But I am seriously probably going to sell the car. This makes me realize that I just can't afford to have it right now. Maybe when I get out of school.