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  1. im looking to buy rims for my 19 mustang and i was just wondering if i got a bigger width on the the back like 10.5's on the back and 9's on the front would it make a big handling difference or possible be dangerous. just basicly im asking is it recomended?
  2. what year is your pony
  3. 1995
    v6 3.8l
    5 speed
  4. I wouldn't see the point. You car makes all of 150hp so there's no need for a super wide tire out back.
    Wide tires will follow every crack in the road, and a set will cost almost half of what your car is worth.

    I'd stick with 17x8's w/ 245-45-17's. They're enough for GT's and they'll be enough for you car.
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  6. I had 17x10's and a ton of people loved the way it looks. Its not ALL about performance guys. If it were, you wouldnt buy 1500 worth of wheels you would pay the diff for a GT.

    If you would like to stagger it go ahead, it will look great and handle great. I loved mine. One thing you dont need when going through a corner is tons of power, and our sixers handle the same. Thats one of the major reasons for wheels and tires is it not?
  7. well i found them on the net for under 500$ and im looking to eventually put alot of power in the car its just not gana be any time soon b4 i do it, it will be over the process of 3 or 4 years.
  8. So you're going to ignore the fact that the larger wheels add weight to the driveline, and hurt performance on an engine that needs all the help it can get, just so you can corner good? Not to mention that all the while a 17X8 wheels will corner just fine.

    I don't get it...

    Cobras and Machs got 17x8's from the factory. The size didn't get wider 'til they s/c'd the Cobras in '03. So if you're making '03 Cobra power, go for the wide tire. If not, then don't bother going bigger.

    Also, if you've found a wide set of wheels and tires for under $500, you're not going to be turning too good anyways cause the tires probably suck ass.
  9. think about the hassle you're going to have to go through when you rotate the tires!
  10. well its just the rims, no tires. and its mostly for looks as of right now, maybe 1day in the future and a few thousand $ later they could help my performace. but its not like im not cought up with reality i know im not pulling tons of hp, but i just want to make my stang look good and how i want it b4 i start putting major mods.
  11. Go price a set of decent tires to fit those rims. Then add it all to the price you paid for your car. $500+tires+car

    Could you have bought a GT?

    Or...$500+tires/car = .XX

    Move the decimal point two places to the right and you have a percentage of how much the tires and wheels will cost compared to the price of your car.

    Something tells me this is gonna be like putting "DUBZ" on an '86 Cutlass.
  12. well by the time i get enough money to buy the rims(because they are last on my list) im going to have it painted, underglow, windows tinted, things like that b4 I add the shoes to it, and i know everybody says well dont sink that much into a v6 just get a GT but I like my car and while it may never be faster than a GT it can still be a bad as car to me, but as i was saying I already have 2 street slicks for the back tires, so ill just need the 2 more tires.
  13. Evidently not...

    When is the last time you have driven a v-6 with a whopping 150 horsepower? It doesnt get much slower, so the negligible difference is worth the opportunity cost to do something the v-6 does do... CORNER.

    In addition, with your suggestions if he does add power he will be swapping wheels again in a year. Nice waste of 1,000 bucks with no forward thinking...:rolleyes:
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  15. No underglow allowed on this forum.
  16. If he was mainly concerned about cornering, I think we'd be discussing suspension mods.
    My entire point is that 17x8's are more than sufficient in grip and cornering, and won't hurt performance as much as a larger, heavier wheel. So why go with a bigger rim? Looks? If that's it, then just say so. Don't try justifying it with some BS about cornering, when the suspension on the car will probably be stock anyways when the wheels go on.

    I said, they didn't go wider than 17X8 until the 17X9 wheels on the 2003 Cobra. I highly doubt he will ever be making Terminator power, so yes I was thinking about the future. I still say 17x8 is good enough for his car now, and it probably always will be.
  17. Probably right, he might be asking about suspension mods if he were concerned about cornering.

    As for justifying with BS, if you would like to ride/drive in my v-6 with my 17x8 rims and then with my 17x10 rims and tell me it is bs that it handles better you are more then welcome. Arguing on the internet gets us no where, especially when it becomes a moot point arguing with someone who I don’t believe owns a v6, although I could be wrong. I have been there and done that, so unless you have personal experience to call my experience BS, lets finish discussing this. Also, I have been able to fry the tires with my v-6 with the supplied 200 ft lbs of torque.

    Also, I have the privilege of driving my fathers 03 anniversary terminator whenever I please. With no mods and 1012 miles on the car I recall leaving black lines going into fourth at just over 115 mph. must be that GREAT idea to "justify" 9" wide tires..:rolleyes: I have no idea what your driving style is, but the width of the tires has always been in my experience lacking from Ford factory.
  18. So I have to own a V6 to know what I'm talking about? Forget the fact that I used to own one, my sister currently owns one, and my roommate and I did an engine swap on his V6.
    Not all of us aspired to own V6es our whole lives.

    That said, I just don't see the trade-off being worth it. Sure, the wider wheel may grip a little better in turns, but for an engine with such little power, why weigh it down? IMO, a compromise of handling and acceleration is better than just focusing on handling and damning acceleration.
    Also, as said, if handling is a concern, suspension mods will do more than simply throwing a wide tire out back.

    You seem like an alright person in most of your post, but this last comment just makes you sound like a tool. We've all done the stupid driving too fast thing(surprised it wasn't faster in a Terminator), but to brag about doing it...

    and in your daddy's car...

    I'd just keep that stuff to myself if I were you.:nice:

    BTW, I've seen PI 4.6 cars break 9" wide tires loose. But I doubt stang315's car will ever equal the performance of a PI 4.6, much less a Terminator. He's even said it may never be faster than a GT.
  19. look ok lol ive posted a series of ?'s on here over the past few weeks and every ? i ask, i either get called stupid for even asking, or never get a strait answer all there is, is people fighting up and down the page soo if this web site is just about all that then let me know because if it isnt, if its a site to help out and talk to other stang owners like i thought it was when I signed up then ALOT of people on her have REALLY veared off of the path. THANK YOU . and yes i know im going to get called an ass for writing this but oo well its the truth.
  20. You got 3 people that say just throw 17x8's on it, and one person saying go 10" wide out back cause he did. So which answer do you want?