New rubber *Pics*

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  1. I picked up some tires from a friend, and decided to take a few pictures. They are 335/35/17 Goodyears. They are prototype tires, so I'm not sure if they will ever be produced. They say "Not for resale" all over the inside of them. I dig the tread pattern compared to some of the other tires available in that size, so I'm gonna stick with them. They are wide!














    I don't have the most exciting places around to take pictures, and that camera sucked. It looks like the rear is lower than the front in a few because it was partly on a hill. The fender gap when it's on level ground is about the same front to rear.

    Here's some New Tire Abuse.

  2. dude, did your car get lower???
    nice tires....great looking car as always
  3. Looks good.. [email protected] those F##kers are wide:eek:

    Do you have your fenders rolled? Your car sits about a 3/4" lower than mine in the rear & my passenger side rubs bad & cuts the hell out of the tire...
  4. Yup, I had to roll them at the track one day when I noticed my driver's side slick was getting chewed up. A guy did it for me with a huge neoprene tube, heat gun, and a few fat guys standing in my trunk. It worked out well!
  5. Hot damn that looks good. Is it just me or does it look like (in the first pic) the wheel is wider than the tire? I love the way your ride looks man
  6. Why does the wheel stick out wider than that massive tire? Car looks great otherwise!
  7. sexy as hell :nice:
  8. Very sexy and clean man
  9. Because it looks like the tire doesn't have a lip protector...
  10. Looks great! I liked the old KDW's or whatever they were. They were amazing in the rain! Wow def. looks like if you hit any bumps those suckers would get chewed up quick, but if your rolled guess you are ok
  11. The lip on these wheels have always been like that in the rear. It's been like that with a few different brands of tires too. With these tires, it's really pronounced.
  12. They have a pretty goofy tread design, but the size is decent. :)
  13. Looks good as always, looks like it has more attitude now!:nice:
  14. looks GREAT!

    Hey are those front lights vht'd? or are they aftermarket housings? I like how you darkened them! I think they look great!
  15. They are aftermarket lights that some may call rice, but ~I~ like them. I used some 5% cling vinyl on them to cover the amber side markers. I brought my lights inside, cleaned them up real well, cut the pieces, and used the no-more-tears shampoo and blow dryer method to stretch and cling. Did the same on all 3 of my tails as well. If you do it right, it works out pretty well :nice:



    I hate those shots because I accidentally got wax on my grille delete, and it turned the black plastic white. I've scrubbed on it, but can't get the crap out of there and noone around me sells Back To Black anymore.
  16. Meijer has back to black.