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  1. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum as I just picked up a 2004 Saleen. Yellow convertable with 43,000 km on it. The car is in excellent condition. I would post pics but I dont know how to do that haha, so if anyone would be willing to put them up for me I would send them to you. I think I'm going to go stare at my new baby haha.
  2. Congrats on the purchase!

    Next step is to join the Saleen Club of America :)

    Time to get a photobucket account, then you can post pictures galore.
  3. The car is number 04-008, could anyone give me any details on that car, or is that possible. I plan on joining the club ASAP. I have been trying to research how to tell the difference between the saleen cobra and the saleen S281 supercharged but am not having much luck, can anyone help?
  4. the number on the bumper is 08c, has the ford supercharger also, cobra emblem in the seats, if that info helps out.
  5. veryslow5point0,

    A hearty congratulations on your "new" Saleen -- she sounds like a beaut!

    The lower-case "c" on the bumper, as I understand it, would be the 8th car for that model year built by the now-defunct Saleen of Canada -- the "c" on the bumper does not mean an S281 Cobra. However, it sounds like you may indeed have an S281 Cobra built in Canada, that is, if you also have an SVT instrument cluster and Independent Rear Suspension. I don't remember if you might still have the SVT Cobra emblem on the fender, but there's probably a "C" script on the rear decklid to the right of the S281 decal to indicate S281 Cobra.

    To some, the S281 Cobra offers a nice balance between the Supercharged and the Extreme, plus the benefit of the IRS. Another benefit is exclusivity. Total production in S281 Cobra Convertibles in 2004 was only 10; 8 additional vehicles were coupes, as depicted here: Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club - SOEC - Mustang Production -- so you've got a pretty rare model.

    With your Ford VIN, you should be able to get its authenticity verified, build information, order a Letter of Authenticity, or a reproduction window sticker by calling Michigan at 800-888-8945 option 2 during regular business hours, Monday-Friday. Prices are about $40 and $75, respectively.

    The build specs should be pretty spot-on from its U.S. counterparts, and you can research these details in our archives of U.S. literature: Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club - SOEC - Vehicle Specification Sheets -- though the S281 Cobras were not prominently listed in in the public literature.

    In brief, an S281 uses a slightly tuned Mustang GT powertrain. An S281 Supercharged adds a supercharger and a more aggressive tune. An S281 Cobra gets the additional standard tuning from SVT (a fabulous powertrain, by the way) plus an IRS. Then there's an S281 Extreme which is basically an S281 Supercharged but adds a built motor with forged internals and a 6-speed gearbox.

    We do have photo posting capabilities on our forum, and we'd love to see your ride.

    If you ever get out to the Seattle area in the summer, please consider joining us and Steve Saleen for the Saleens at Mustangs Northwest Roundup, Thursday-Sunday, July 15-18, 2010. We regularly have several Canadian-built Saleens participate in the festivities, including an autocross, pony run, MCA show and the SOEC-sponsored People's Choice show on Sunday featuring autograph sessions with Steve -- it would be a great opportunity to have Steve sign your car!

    Again, Congratulations, and we hope to see you in July!
  6. Jim D thanks for the detailed reply! Some other info about the car is it has a 32v motor, a 6 speed tranny, IRS, no gauge cluster on the center of the dash, exhaust exits at the sides of the bumper, S281 badges on the fenders, cobra in the grille, S281 supercharged badge on the trunk. I might be pulling at strings but it would make sense for the build number to be so low since there was only 10 made, but that could also be fluke. I am getting the original documentation from the previous owner so I will be able to learn alot more when I get those. As for that Roundup down in Seattle, I am going to make a great effort to come down to it. Im so excited to have this car, it is so fun to drive!!
  7. Forgot to mention it has an SVT instrument cluster and the brake calipers also say cobra on them.
  8. We, the Saleen Club of America, have several membes in Canada :) You will be happy you joined. We have some annual events in Montana and South Dakota which are due south of you :)

    You can contact Saleen to get a Letter of Authenticity by sending them an email at: [email protected]

    They can tell you everything about your car.

    32v motor, SVT gauges, SVT seats, IRS... sounds like one of the very few Cobra Saleens made.

    Here are my notes on '04 Cobra Saleen production:

    1 Canadian Cobra Coupe - Redfire (004C)

    8 coupes - 3 Black(090 098 349), 2 Mystichrome(124 126), 1 White, 1 Redfire, 1 Competition Orange
    Missing colors & ID #s for others

    10 convertibles - 4 Screaming Yellows(367), 2 Black, 1 White, 1 Torch Red, 1 Silver Metallic, 1 Mystichrome(104)
    Missing colors & ID #s for others
  9. I will let everyone know the details on the car as soon as I get all the paperwork from the previous owner. I am very excited to get that information. I sent Team Saleen an email with my Ford VIN last night, so I'm waiting on a reply with them to see what they can tell me as well.
  10. i uploaded some pics to photobucket, how do i post them now?
  11. When you are in photobucket, when you move your mouse over the image you want, you can then copy the [ u r l ] the_image_name .jpg [ / u r l ] then all you have to do is paste it into your posts.

  12. Congrats on the car, from another Saleen owner, until you actually own one of these cars you will never understand fully what it means.

    When you get your pics downloaded into photobucket, take your mouse and run it under and down from the pic, you will see it start highlighting some things, when you highlight the IMG section you can right click it and then copy it, then paste it into your post and preview the post before you do a final to make sure the pic shows up in it.

    The SCOA has several members in Canada, and we have one of the largest group of members in the Seattle area, and we thank Jim D and Steve Saleen for going up every year to see them and support our members cars up there.

  13. To add to SaleenMikes Saleen Cobra production info.... SCOA members have tracked down the rest of the numbers for 2004. :nice: They are:

    2004 Saleen Cobra Production

    1 Canadian coupe - Redfire (004C)

    7 coupes - 3 Black(098, 196, 349), 2 Mystichrome(124, 126), 1 White(116), 1 Competition Orange(009)

    1 Canadian convertible - Screaming Yellow (008C)

    9 convertibles - 3 Screaming Yellows(008, 323, 367), 2 Black(102, 322), 1 White(136), 1 Torch Red(386), 1 Silver Metallic(194), 1 Mystichrome(104)

    Sounds like you've made a very NICE purchase there!
  14. I can't believe I stumbled across this car!! I am so excited to know what I really have now! Thanks for finding that information. Hopefully these pics work.
  15. I figure since Saleen owners probably would only want the best for their cars, I thought I would ask all you people what products you use to clean your cars. Interior, exterior, wheels, convertable top, engine bays, etc. Thanks everyone.
  16. Wow what a nice purchase 1 of 1 verts in that color for Canada, outstanding!:nice:

    Great info Bob, your web page was one of the first i stumbled upon when looking for Saleen sites.

    I have turned to Griots for my car care supplies, especially after seeing some of the other members cars in person after a good Griots detail.

  17. So sick.....
  18. Thanks Bob & nice picts!
  19. Saleen Mike uses speed, rain, and fresh colorado air to detail his Saleens.:lol::rlaugh:
  20. haha i wonder if speed, rain and fresh saskatchewan air would detail mine for me.....