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  1. My good man, what you have is one wicked car. I am the NW Regional director of the SCOA and a memeber of the SVTOA club. This is the best of all worlds. The hand built Romeo SVT motor, coupled with the Saleen styling and handling, makes this one of the most awesome Mustangs ever built.

    We have a show coming up May 1st, 2010 in Missoula, Montana. It's a little closer to you. I'll make sure you get the info when it becomes available.

    Anyway, what a great find. A Candian Terminator Cobra Saleen. It just doesn't get any better. :nice:
  2. sema88 I am very interested in the shows and I will be making every effort to come down to as many as I can!
  3. Nice ride!

    Great car...the SALEEN Cobra is on "most" of our dream list!

    I own '99-08, a laser red SC Speedster...

    It's nice to meet another #08 owner!!

    I'm not over here any more - I'm always on the SCOA forum!

    Enjoy the car!
  4. saleen

    wow very nice ride looks like a great example of a saleen cobra welcome to the saleen family.
  5. that's a fantastic looking car !!!!
  6. thanks for all the compliments!!!
  7. Congratulations on the sweet purchase and welcome to the Saleen community. Beautiful car!
  8. Wish I could catch a break like that.