Roush New Saleen seats any good?

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  1. What are the new Saleen seats like? I am talking about the ones that come standard on new Saleens. They just listed them on their website (made a bunch of other changes to their online store as well) for $800 apiece. Is it just a seat cover that fits over the stock frame and padding, or is it a whole new seat? I have yet to see one of the new seats in person.

  2. Attached a picture of the Saleen Seats in my 03 SA 20.

    They are built off the Ford seat frame, but use new padding and covering that significantly changes it from stock. I think it is very supportive and was comfortable on a recent cruise event (spent about 4 hours in it). I'm 6'2"/200 lbs so I'm a little bigger than the average person and didn't have any problem with the fit.

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  3. So they are kind of like the FR500 seats that ford sells? New padding and cover, uses stock frame?

    By the way, very nice car!

  4. I haven't see the FR500 seats, but that sounds just like what Saleen is doing. The driver's seat still even has the Ford power seat adjusting switches (with the new location on the front, down between your legs).

    Thanks, I really like the SA 20 better than the 2000 S281 S/C coupe I use to own. (Sold it to buy the new one.)
  5. Got any other pics of the SA-20? Congrats on the if I could find a bank to rob........ :D
  6. How do these seats compare to the recaros that saleen used to use?

    I know the reclining mechanisms aren't as good, but just how do the two feel sitting and driving in them?

  7. Not many banks in your area?

    I have sat in the new seats. They are an improvement over stock GT seats but I still like the "old" Recaros better. Wonder how good the Saleen leather is?
  8. I cannot make that comparison.
    My old Saleen had stock Ford seats which I replaced with custom Cobra Daytona seats.
    The new Saleen seats are not as good as they were, but much better than stock.
    Also, I too wonder how well the Saleen leather coverings will wear?

    Also added some pictures of my car:

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  9. I like the concealed license plate, Blip.

    Nice photos and scenery. :drool:

    I only wish the black portion of the hood were carbon fiber instead of matte paint.
  10. what a beautiful car! are the SA-20's supercharged with the same option packages?
  11. Yes, the SA 20 cars are standard S/C cars (Series IV blower) with special paint (Extreme Pearl White) and interior trim. I added the front brake and larger rear wheel (18 x 10) options to my car.
    Also, mine is the only one, of the 10 made, that has the AOD trans, I'm a "cruiser" not a racer. :nice:

    Head Paneer -- I too wish Saleen had done the black section of the hood in c/f. Maybe some day I'll make that change. Glad you liked the pictures, they were taken on my driveway. It's 500 ft long and just the place to develop your launching technique. :D
  12. OT: Must be nice to have all that elbowroom, almost unheard of in my part of Orange County. Still, I do live in great weather and the beach is really close, so I can’t complain.

    I want to get a hold of a carbon fiber E hood and do a similar paint treatment. Just need to sell my stock and “regular” Saleen hoods.
  13. i called saleen and they are out of stock until the first of the year of new seats.
  14. blip, your car is :hail2:

  15. Thanks, you car looks great too! :nice:
    Where can I see more pictures of you car?
    Someday I would like to get a 65-66 fastback to go with the SA 20.
  16. If you like his driveway, you should see his pool :D

    Looking good Mr. Bond... I have to look around and see if I have a set
    of black inserts for that rear fascia one of these days.

    Wish I could have stolen those seats out of your other car except
    the gray wouldn't have gone with the black interior on my 99. Can't wait
    to see 007 in person one of these days. Hopefully by then I'll have
    my new toy on the road and we can make some noise along with
    the other fewl... :rlaugh:
  17. hey guys ive just recently been lurking over here in the saleen forum checkin out your godly rides :hail2: :nice: :hail2:

    blip i just realized you r from MD. where r u in relation to damascus(if you have ever heard of it) i would love to check out you car.

    also head paneer if your really looking to sell your saleen hood id be willing to buy it if youd sell it any cheaper than saleen does. i gave up on getting one after i found out how much they were charging, plus my 2000 stang is silver so that would save me some cash on paint too
  18. I live near Crofton, (East of the beltway), but I'll have the car at the Metro Area Mustangs & Fords club tech meeting tomorrow, (SAT). See the post about the meeting in the Mid-Atlantic section for more information.
  19. [​IMG]
    Check out This Saleen! I just bought it! NE Suggestions?
  20. AHHHHHH the 89 ssc. MY favorite mustang ever. Now that car has some serious seats. So beautiful and no backseats and a roll cage, how all saleens shoulda come from the factory!!!