Roush New seats in 88

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by cliff88145, May 2, 2009.

  1. I'm looking for new seats for my 88. The original seats feel and look like junk. So is their any set that will kind of look saleenish and wont totally look out of place in my car? The rest of the interior is all stock and I plan on keeping it that way. Oh and the interior is grey. Thanks guys! :D
  2. Some guys like mikey here use the Recaros and are happy with them ck out the link----:D

    Saleen Club of America SCOA Talk • View topic - 3 Decades of Recaro Seats

  3. You can still get brand new Flofits, from SeatSource, in CA. I would get a set in grey cloth, and have your original Saleen headrest covered, to match. The Recaro's are great, but they are at least double the money, unless you can find a decent used set.
  4. Here are some used FloFit seats that look like they have the proper Saleen upholstery that look pretty good.
  5. $1500 for saleen flofits? seems a bit expensive....