New Shelby Cobra Concept Car

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  1. I was a great show, I taped it! The funniest thing i saw was that the entire show was sponsored by Honda.
  2. LOL I can't friggin' believe it!!!
  3. Yeah, I wanted to catch this, sounded like the show has some promise, especially when the premiere show features ford. :D

    Between taping 24 on one TV last night and watching celebrity poker on the other, I just couldn't squeeze it in though. Hopefully I'll catch the repeat. :rolleyes:
  4. That was just about the coolest show I've ever seen.

    To top it off, next weeks show is about the 67 Fast Forward Fastback built by Rad Rides by Troy. :nice:
  5. TLC show


    It's on again tonight at midnight. Is Celebrity Poker on then too????

    I agree, very cool car! I have mixed feelings about Ol' Shelby being back in the mix, even though FORD owns the name "COBRA". I guess it's mostly for public relations to have him in the picture. At least they didn't use any other of the jokers from S.A. in Las Vegas.

    I really enjoyed seeing the fabrication segments, making all the custom parts. That was the best part for me!Would I buy one? Nope, I want the GT :hail2: :banana: :D
  6. No kidding! This was awesome watching these guys fab this car from scratch. The playing field (machinery, technical staff) was a level that makes monster garage look like they're playing with logo blocks!
  7. ahem, they are called "legos" and please don't diss them :)
  8. Umm, i may be wrong but my TV Guide doesn't say it is going to be on, it says they replayed it the night it first aired at 12am wednesday morning :shrug:
  9. ahem

    Ah, lego my ego!

    I dig monster garage, this just blew me away watch these huge computer cnc machines mill out the manifold and other cutting edge technology casting machines! Then they took the clay prototype and made molds off of it and walla, mounted it on the baddest aluminum chassis you ever seen!
  10. Yeah, I was just about to ask about that. I don't think Chepsk8 realizes midnight is the start of the next day, not the end of current one. FYI Dan, just to avoid any further embarassment, the week actually begins with Sunday also, not Monday. :D (j/k)

    OH, BTW, I got 7 for 7, looks like I qualify for fighter pilot status. :nice:
  11. I saw this car at the show in Detroit this week. Talk about SWEEEEEET. :nice: :nice: I must have stared at it for an hour. No cup holder, no radio, no parking brake, no side windows, just 605 pavement munching horsepower twisting 19" wheels through a 6-speed. Maybe the coolest thing was that you could see about 6 of the 10 velocity stacks on top the fuel injectors through the hood scoop. Very, very tastefully done. Maybe a little heavy on the aluminum in the dash, but otherwise quite incredible.

    They showed the GT too. If you want windows, a roof and air conditioning for your 3.3 second 0-60 romp, then the GT's a better bet. :D
  12. When does the week start?


    I thought it started on a Tuesday! :rlaugh:

    The show was aired again, I guess I got the day wrong. Ah well, old age strikes again! :banana: :banana:

    Hey Pak: Go Patriots, and how cold did it get by you over last weekend? My friends in the Berkshires recorded -18 Degrees. Keep that air in Canada!

    I'm waiting to see if they will make the car. I know GM and Mopar have similar supercars out or waiting. I think FORD would not want too much competition for the GT, though...
  13. That was a pretty cool video...

    Did anyone see Car & Driver do the comparison of the GT against a Ferrari and a Porsche? The GT Won!
  14. Oh, Pak.......

    Can't blame my senility this time! Direct from Ford P.R.:

    > "Rides: Project Daisy" -- the hour-long, "fly-on-the-wall"
    about the development of the all-new, fully engineered Ford Shelby Cobra
    concept will air again on Thursday (Jan. 15) at 10 p.m. on TLC. (Channels
    will vary, depending on local cable companies.)
    > In cased you missed its debut, this "Rides" episode captures the
    magnitude and engineering feats surrounding this surprise concept, which we
    called "Daisy" during the months ahead of the North American International
    Auto Show.
    > A crew lived on Ford premises for several months, capturing each phase as
    this icon left the drawing board and came to life on the track -- with
    racing legend Carroll Shelby behind the wheel.

    OK? :lol:
  15. Coolness, thanks oh mighty cheap one! :nice:
  16. The Fast Forward Fastback episode is tonight! I can't wait. :D