New Shifter Knob

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  1. I've actually had this shifter knob for a couple of months now but I took these pics yesterday...

    P1010754_zpsc54b2190.jpg P1010759_zps01a85995.jpg P1010805_zps14d4d30e.jpg
  2. Really grabs your attention
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  3. Now the entire interior needs grabber blue pinstriping
  4. Looks rad!
  5. grabber bluuuuueee!!!!

    I yell that out in a high pitch, singing voice every time I see a mustang in that color. I'm a big fan of that color. I thought about getting it but wasn't sure if I could pull it off.

    Shift knob looks great!! Where did u get it from?
  6. Trust me I thought about it but since the exterior is pretty "loud" I'm trying to more subtle with the interior.
  7. Loud? Our Grabber Blues? get outta town! ;)
  8. NICE!

    GB FTW (it IS the fastest color, you know...)