New shoes for the Mach?

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  1. Dustin, I'd go with the TF Mach 5's man. You definitely don't see many of those around
  2. D,

    I would leave the wheels, your car is outstanding looking.

    If you must upgrade, I'll suggest the fikse's as well. I'm going with The Profile 5's, similar to the FM5's but a bit nicer and come in 19's.

    Here they are in the fm5 version in 17's, and 18's, which I am sure you have seen. I think they are still the best looking wheel, with a nice classic look.



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  3. Dustin, go with the tf mach 5's. those look sexy on your car.
  4. Mach 5s for sure :nice: what about something crazy like satin black spokes and a TR lip :shrug: ha i dunno, i always liked being unique from the rest. I think i saw a thread on svtp with some TF wheels that were all satin black, lip and all with the polished rivets. I know you said you were over black wheels but it looked absolutely savage and down right evil. Some people will love the idea of all black wheels and some people will hate it, to each their own, just some ideas. Oh and i feel you on the 99/01 bumper i want that one soo bad, i definitely think it looks better than the terminator bumper, unless the terminator bumper is on a terminator of course.
  5. NO!!! Current shoes= awesomeness!
  6. Meh. Fiske wheels do look nice but they are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overpriced!

    If I were to go for that look I would go with Replica Sterns. You can buy all 4 for less than the price of 1 Fiske.



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  7. of all of them i would have to say i like the TF Mach 5's the best. i LOVE 5 spoke wheels the best but i am tired of the 03 cobra wheels being put on everything. i actually at some point want to get my stock 99 cobra wheels widened because i like them so much and you dont see them anymore.
  8. keep the fr500's, they look sick
  9. I would like to cast my vote in favor of the Mach 5's then the CCW classics. That chop that dude made =:drool:
  10. What a second....Did you already put the DD Anniversary cobras on the notch? Did I miss something?
  11. I've never even heard of TF rims before. At least you know with the CCWs you get a company that's been around a while.
  12. True Forged has been around for a while. they make really nice wheels. their website is not as polished as 360 forged, but still good stuff.

    Epik i just checked out their site...and the Speed six or speed five wheels are pretty sweet too.
  13. Thanks for all the input guys.....:nice:

    I am leaning towards the TF Mach 5's, or the CCW's at this point, IF I ever go through with this. I love the way the FR's look on my car, & they are perfect for it @ this point, but I am tired of rolling up to cruises, carshows, & surfing forums & seeing every other new edge & SN95 sitting on the same wheels....

    Doug, it would look cool & different with some Black TF's with a Torch Red lip, but I like a more simple, classic look, & thats too over the top for me...

    Winters, Fiske wheels are [email protected]$$, but waaaaaaaay out of my price range. Even the CCW's, & TF's are out of my current price range, but I could save up for em & they are within my reach.

    Havent got em on yet, I have been too busy to complete the swap with all the holidays.... Soon, very soon though....
  14. First Off...

    I've been :drool: over your car on every site I see it on.

    Personally I like the speed six, but in any case, since no one else has and I'm in So Cal as well, can I call dibs on your FR's?

    Robert :flag:
  15. let me be the first to congradulate you on stepping up your wheels. The FR500s look sick on your car, but im so sick of seeing every mustang with them on. my vote goes to the CCW Classics. they look f**kin awsome in the photoshop images you did. your Mach will deff look a lot better with those on.

    also, all the wheels in this post are POLISHED ALUMINUM, not chrome. And none of them are too "bling bling" for a mustang. I have got hundreds of complements by people who see my car, and never had anyone say they didnt like them or thought they looked out of place.

    Epik, if you wanna be real original, you could always throw these on it, although I dont think the come in polished aluminum. Maybe chrome if your lucky.
  16. ccw classics all the way
  17. hahaha, can someone photoshop those wheels on his mach?
  18. [​IMG]

    EPIK. when did you become a photoshop expert? nice work! :nice: