New shoes for the Mach?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by EPIK, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. I like the FR500's but if you had to pick another Id go with the Mach 5s. Some of those others look too bling.
  2. The FR500's are staying on for now, but if I do decide to step up the wheels, its most likely gonna be the Mach 5's or the Classics....Nothing about any of those wheels are "bling" IMO...

    Hey NightHawk, where u been? I wish I was the photshop expert, but actually most of those chops were performed by a guy over on SVTP...Hes got some skills thats 4 sure. 04Sleeper also helped me out with a few as well.

    LOL at the teddy bear wheels. I think those are actually a Euro VW wheel....
  3. Definitely the CCW Classics.

    I love the FR500's and so does everyone else now it seems...Back when I got my car my local shop had some for sale for cheap, but I had just upgraded to Bullitts and new rubber...I am still kicking myself because I could kill someone for a new set of rims for my Mustang.

    BTW, I dig the look with the Termi side skirts and 99/01 front bumper, hell if I could find a cheap bumper I would be all over it for my car as mine has seen much better days...
  4. IMO FR500's look the best :shrug:
  5. I love FR500's.

    But, I think the ones on Sleeper's car look the best. The chop you did looks great. Go with those? Looks