New Shop Project Track Car (progress Thread)

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  1. I know it's an 85 SVO buuuut, I am posting it here bc it is getting a built 4.62v with spray.

    Plans for the car:
    Full suspension, built (forged pistons, rods, crank and stud girdle on the bottom end) 4.6 2v with 200 shot, built tranny. caged, mini tubed, 29" tall tires, lexan windows, fiberglass hood, fenders, doors and hatch, elect water pump, manual brakes, manual steering rack, solid steering shaft, sheet metal (aluminum interior), and minimal wiring.

    Already have:
    4.6 K member, fox control arms, SN95 spindles and front brakes, offset rack bushings, MM full length sub frame connectors, NHRA approved battery box, Strange adjustable struts, coil over conversion for the front.

    Built and ported 5.4 heads with titanium valves, stronger springs, nitrous cams, ported Typhoon intake, 75mm throttle body, Kooks mid length headers, pulleys, BBK aluminum valve covers

    built tranny, 3000rpm stall

    Best part is...I got the car for FREE.
    I think that's all for now...


  2. Can't beat free!
  3. SWEET! Love that you are sticking with the good old 2v engine:hail: Thing should be a tq monster!
  4. I have had a couple people get one to me about chopping up such a rare Mustang but, it already has no interior, motor tranny or wiring so, why the hell not. Once I am done with this VW motor swap in my shop I will get started and start posting up pics.
  5. Tell them to trade you another body if they get uppity about the svo. I would keep the four eye dash. Lot less to **** with.
  6. If I'm replacing every inch of wiring in this car, along with a 2V motor and matching auto, I will have less issues with gauges working ect. Besides, it's still cheaper than a custom gauge set up.
  7. your missing the sweet svo wing, mang!
  8. The wing is inside :)
  9. Edited original post.

    I ordered manual steering rack yesterday and should have it today or tomorrow. I am going with some good NAPA SN95 outer tie rod ends to match up to the SN spindles that I have. Once I get the manual brake conversion, master cylinder and fixed race c/c plates I am going to start on the tear down of what's left of the car and get to work.

    Lastly, I found out that the heads that I have are 5.4 heads out of a Harley F150.

    More pics to come soon.
  10. Update:
    I have all the front suspension parts in. The list includes:

    UPR SN95 K member
    UPR Fox control arms with no sway bar mounting tabs
    UPR front coil over conversion kit
    Strange single adjustable struts
    UPR caster/camber plates
    SN95 front spindles with calipers
    Flaming River manual steering rack
    UPR offset rack bushings
    OEM SN95 outer tie rod ends
    Flaming River solid steering shaft
    Maximum Motorsports full length sub frame connectors

    Now, time to start saving up for the rear suspension.

    I'll post up some pics soon
  11. Also, swapping the mid length headers to long tubes. I scored a set of BBK long tubes for $80 at the swap meet and matching H pipe for $30. Going to use my Sniper tuner on it as well since I still have another car spot available on the tuner.
  12. What are the nitrous cam specs? Should be a decent build; pill it to kill it :)
  13. I have the boxes with the part numbers at work. I'll check 'em out tomorrow when I go in.
  14. Part number for the cams are: Xtreme Energy, XE262A.
    I called Comp and told them about my plans for the motor and asked if they would work or if I needed to step up to the 278AH's. The guy at the tech line told me to have at it and they should be fine. So, that was a huge help.
  15. You will be fine with the 262s; should be a nice setup. Stock rods?
  16. Going with an Edelbrock intake?
  17. just my opinion i wouldnt go with the typhoon intake i have seen 2 of those crack under a dyno tune. I would personaly go with the edelbrock victor Jr. and some new fuel rails from MMR. this is their website.
  18. Hard to trust MMR when reading up about them in the past..
  19. I got the Typhoon as part of a package deal of parts that I bought (along with the heads, built tranny, intake, lots more for cheap). I knew the guy and he was moving and was desperate for money so, I threw out a number I thought he wouldn't go for. Lol, I almost had to eat my words when he agreed without hesitating.

    So, those cams are going on a set of Harley F1505.4 heads that have been ported, titanium valves and stronger valve springs, the Typhoon intake that has been ported, stock upper elbow that has been ported and a 75mm throttle body, larger fuel rails and fuel pressure regulator. I'm trying to decide what size injectors to run.

    I will be running forged pistons, stock length forged rods, forged crank and a stud girdle/main brace on the bottom.

    Lastly, how do Cobra forged cranks hold up? I have a lead on a good used one that checked out ok.