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  1. Hey everyone, I just recently bought a 95 Mustang GT, after having owned 3 Fox bodies in the past andwhen my beloved 93 LX was stolen, I purchased this car, as I had always liked the looks of them and found one that was in great condition.

    I plan on building it to be a decent street car ( I don't race anymore) and I was wondering if any of the aftermarket intakes will fit under the hood of these cars, some people I have talked to say yes, others say no. I would like to hear from people who have actually installed an aftermarket intake such as an Edelbrock or Trick Flow without having to change the hood,
  2. The Trickflow street burner and track heat will fit under the hood so will the Cobra intake. Not positive but I think a systemmax will as well. Most of the hood fitment issues come into play with the taller intakes such as the Trick flow R, Trick Flow Box and the Edelbrock 5.8. Most of those are for bigger CI engines. I'm not to sure about the Edelbrock intakes such as the RPM RPM II or Victor JR
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  5. Just about every intake will fit, you just can't run the stock strut tower brace.

  6. I had a Trickflow Street Heat a few years ago, no issues. Kenne Bell now, had to notch the underside a bit, no big deal.
  7. Any chance you could shoot some pics of the notching you had to do? Seriously considering the Kenne Bell install, but would be a lot more inclined to do so if I don't have to add a new hood to the parts list.

  8. I'll try to get a picture tommorow....not even sure it was neccesary, might have been for the flowzilla manifold (mine is standard). Just a little notch out of the center rib, 2 minutes with a dremel and a cutoff wheel.....and the underhood liner is gone also...... I'll look at the KB install instructions as well, and quote it for you....
  9. DSCF0373.JPG

    Husky..here you go...little notch, no big deal. Hood liner is gone to, don't remember if that was KB related or I just got rid of it
  10. Got it! Thanks. Probably going to hold off for a month or two on the KB; looks like I'm going to be moving south soon. It should save me a bunch on shipping if I wait until I'm in the L48. Time to plan now though!:D