NEW SPONSOR!! Sequential Tail Light Kits Now Available

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Are you interested in purchasing a Sequential Tail Light Kit for your Mustang?

  1. Yes, I'm going to [url][/url] right now to submit my order!

  2. Maybe, in the near future

  3. No, not right now

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Hi everyone! My name is Mark and I'm the owner of We specialize in Sequential Tail Light Kits for 1996-2008 Mustangs and we're proud to sponsor StangNet. I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look at our site: and please let me know if you'd like to purchase a kit.


    We’re offering Mustang Sequential Tail Light Kits for 1996-2008 Ford Mustangs.

    What is a sequential tail light kit?

    A sequential tail light kit turns your stock, single flashing turn signals into "sequential" turn signals. Having 3 separate flashes instead of the stock single flash increases your turn signal and brake light output by 50% (this kit turns your stock, 2 bulb system into 3 bulb system).

    Why should I buy this kit?

    There are plenty of reasons for purchasing this kit:
    1) It improves safety (three lights flashing are more visible than two)
    2) It is a very affordable modification (helps your Mustang stand out from the crowd)
    3) It adds a touch of history to your Mustang (remember the sequential tail lights on the Mustangs of the 60's)
    4) It looks fantastic!

    Can I see the kit working?

    Yes, you can see the kit working on our website:

    Is this kit difficult to install?

    Not at all. When you purchase a kit from us, we will send you detailed installation instructions in full color. Simply follow these instructions and your kit will be installed in no time.

    I want this kit. How can I buy it?

    To purchase this kit, you will have to visit our website:

    We accept PayPal and all major credit cards through PayPal's payment processing system (you don't need a PayPal account).

    How much is shipping?

    We offer FREE Shipping and Handling to anywhere in United States and Canada! We ship from our warehouse in the United States.

    How much is the kit?
    The entire kit is very affordable:
    1996-2004: Only $99.99
    2005-2008: Only $149.99

  2. does your kit require you to cut and splice or is it plug and play?
  3. Does this kit have the capability to do the chaser function?


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  4. I'd like to know answers to both of those questions, also.
  5. Any word on these questions?
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    i would say they have not yet seen the replies to the thread....
  7. Hi everyone. I have answers to your questions.

    1) This kit does not have the chase feature. It is true to its roots and provides the classic "Sequential" operation that you would find in the Mustangs of the late 1960s.

    2) The kit does involve a little bit of work (meaning that it is not plug-and-play) but it is all relatively simple and we provide you with full instructions. Just follow the instructions and you'll be done in no time. We also have tech support just incase you need some extra help (but most people have no problem with it).

    Here's an actual testimonial from one of our customers:
    "Woo Hoo got the kit install was a breeze and the outcome was great It really adds to the nostalgic feel of the car....I give it two thumbs up"
  8. For a REAL plug n play sequential turn signal kit for $149, go to link removed I got mine here. they use ford oem harnesses, and it took me 30 mins to install both sides.. if you send the harnesses from your car back to them they give you a $30 rebate check :) you can also get 3rd brake light pulsers, daytime running light kits, and many other great products for your stang..
  9. Sorry, but there are way too many companies out there that offer true plug-and-play installation for the same price. Thanks, but I'll keep shopping.
  10. Not at the moment, since I haven't jumped back behind the wheel of a Mustang as of yet, but the very fact that you offer FREE SHIPPING to Canadians puts you at the top of my list, ahead of anyone else.

    Way to go, I wish more companies would get with the program and offer comparable shipping to Canada now that our dollar is so close in value. :nice:
  11. Got anything for the fox-body?
  12. Re: Fox Mustang

    Sorry, we do not offer a kit for the fox body Mustang at this time.
  13. We're having a sale today! Check our other thread on StangNet for details.