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  1. Hello to all. I just joined StangNet and wanted to see if I can meet some Mustang owners in the St. Louis area. I currently have a black 2011 5.0. The only mod so far is a Roush axle-back exhaust system. This is my third Mustang. Previous ones were: 1968 fastback (my first car) and a 1997 Cobra. I hope to see some cool Mustangs and meet some good people.
  2. LAVAgt2012 - I almost bought a lava red gt. Wasnt sure how it would look in different lights and shades. How are you liking it?
  3. Love the color, hate trying to keep it clean....Kind of wish i would of went with blue or silver, but when the suns beating down in FL that car catches alot of attention. I just hate this dark color car because the lite scratches that wont show up on other colors comes right through. Other than that, chit lava red, with the lava red inserts and I got my lights in the car set to red looks sharp
  4. It does look good in the sun. I ordered at 12 Kona Blue one but Ford told me it would take 5 months to get so I went looking for one with the options I want and all I could find was a black or white one... so black it was. I only have 2k miles on it and already has some light scratches. Its tough to keep clean.
  5. black is nice, too :D Wish i would of went with a grabber blue something that didn't show dirt as easy :(
  6. LAVAgt2012: Yeah, the dark colors are pretty tough. Its garaged and I have to wash it once a week. It does look good clean though.
    2003Slvrsnake: Thanks!
  7. yeah, I recently just started garaging mine so I'm not tempted to kill my neighbors cat (even though if it comes in my yard again, imma turn the damn thing green w/paintballs) thing likes to get on other ppls cars and it pisses me off. She says, oh well he's declawed, my answer is Imma kill your cat if I find paw prints on my car again, or you can pay to have it cleaned your choice :shrug:
  8. I dont know if I could handle a cat on my Mustang. I might lose my mind. Im going to buy an outdoor cover for mine. Any suggestions?
  9. Depends on what kind your talking about. I'm told (don't know from personal experience) that car covers are not the best to be on outdoors because when the wind picks up overtime it starts to scratch up your car. Is there any truth to that, don't know :shrug: I should go ghetto and get one of them portables my dad used to have, basically a tent with a zip up door :rlaugh: I'm sure the neighbors would love that :rolleyes:
  10. I have heard that too, but I dont want the elements to take a toll on my stang. I will have to check into what other people are saying. I think the tent idea is awesome. Hope you dont have a homeowners association.
  11. Smarter than that, one of my things on the list when i bought my house last year, was my realtor wasn't allowed to show me a house that was in a home owners assoc.
  12. yay, more :SNSign: in the stl.
  13. Welcome, Lindsay! Added you to the Ladies user group.

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  14. Timeless2: Sorry, but I'm not a lady. Just have the last name of one.
    Chuckman: I'm newer to the St Louis area and I'm looking for some good roads to explore. Any suggestions?
    Lavagt2012: Good call on that. I lived in Florida for a while and their zoning laws are crazy.
  15. all the good ones that i used to know about have either been expanded, is currently being worked on, or moved for more housing. theres still some good straight stretches out around creve coeur lake, marine has a nice (but short) twisty hill climb. mason road used to be fun little piece of road, but they changed the north end of it. main street in st charles is an old cobble street with some cool old buildings and lots of bars. forest park is cool to check out though, most of the museums there are free to enter, plus theres a huge car show at the muny every easter.
  16. Yep, they are....Oh and congrats on being added to the "lady's group" :rlaugh:
  17. Thanks for that, jerk. :)
  18. you're welcome :D