New Stang from Colorado Springs

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  1. Hey my name is Joshua and I am new to the forum and i have a 84 mustang which I am proud of cause i have always wanted one. Unfortunately I bought one that has some massive southern engineering which isn't always bad but the previous owner did a heck of a job on this one ( I will post pictures soon ) but hey it is a complete restoration in my eyes. But being a newbie to this I HAVE A LOT to learn. I have some great friends that know a great bit but in my eyes there is always a lot to learn. Since I do have a starting point cause my stang has a nice 302 engine that i am replacing all the seals on cause that is very important in my eyes to do since that is a great start to any engine. I know that i want to put a short shifter in this car, cause right now i feel like I'm shifting a mack truck with the original shifter and some force induction with more than likely a supercharger. I know I'm new to rebuilding these but i am bound and determined to get it to where people will stop and say "Damn sweet Stang".
  2. welcome aboard
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