New Stang tops out at 143?

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  1. I had my 2002 GT a little over 140mph between Winnipeg and The Pas and It was fine. I wouldnt have kept speeding up If it felt unstable at all. It was a year old when i did that. it came stock with Z rated Goodyears, arent those good for 170 or more?
  2. You guys are all soooo coooool. I saw in fast and the furious that cars can fly and I'm only 17 so I am invincible and my car can safely go 170 because that is what the tires say. You all need to slow the **** down and think about what you are doing... :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
  3. I agree! Smooth or solid it is going to be toast with you in it if a dog or deer jumps in front or you have a bad belt seperate in a new tire--it happens. I had a deer jump in front at 70 at it was not pretty!!!
  4. Who invited their mother to this discussion? :shrug:
  5. I don't know about the mother part. But I would think it is bad form to say how fast you go on a site like this. Any cop can read this and then check your location. You've just admitted to speeding.
  6. LOL ... and who is going to convict someone of something said in a forum. People BS :bs: in these things all the time.

    To tell you the truth ... I live Putnam County, NY and I hit a buck twenty five on I684 almost everyday on my way to work :lol:

  7. I dunno.... about 6 months ago, IIRC, a Stangnetter scammed a fellow Stangnetter for several hundred dollars for a nonexistent part. The victim posted warnings on the board (I think in 5.0 Tech?) about the guy, and the scammer replied, bragging about what he did and how he taught the victim a lesson.

    Last I heard, the scammer's replies were definitely evidence-worthy.

    ETA: I think it was Numbles who I was remembering, and it was over an intake manifold that was paid for but never sent.

  8. I have a challange for you guys. (not a top speed deal) anyone can go fast... survival is a question.. lol but anyone can go fast.

    Learn how to "heal & toe" shift. (effectivly) and your better than the average driver..
  9. Well, speeding is a little different I guess. for the most part,.. you actually have to be caught in the act.
    Im sure that a lot of us would like to claim our mustangs can do 200 mph.. and can woop the ass of an exotic any day of the week.
    But, for the most part. thats just BS.. you know.. shooting the chit with the guys. (there are some stangs out there than can do it though) :hail2: :hail2:

    But to steal from somebody... and then admit to it?.. thats simply moronic.

    because for one, you are in agreement of the acusser.. for two.. you admit it!! how friggin stupid can you be??

    Imagine being pulled over for speeding, and saying (thank you sir, may I have another??)

    thats how I look at it.

    my .02
  10. I have had my Cobra up to 155 and she still had alittle left in her, But i didn't.
  11. I just did 130 mph legally the other day on the Autobahn. There are roads in the Western US where I would feel comfortable doing whatever the car could do. If you are NEVER going above 112 mph, why not get a Minivan. They top out around 110-115.
  12. Had my 02 GT up to an indicated 130 once, she felt pretty stable with the stock Goodyears, but now to talk about real speed, whew! On my favorite stretch of semi-deserted desert frontage road, had the 03 Gixxer 1K up to an indicated 165MPH with a little more left to go, but it was time to shut her down, surprising how fast you can run out of road at that speed! Yikes!
    Be careful lads, don't screw around in traffic or down blind cross traffic stretches!
  13. I never said i drove that speed on a public roads. Besides a forum posting is similar to hearsay which is not admissable in a court of law. There is no possible way for them to prove that you were the one typing the post.
  14. USARMYPHOTOG - Whats the max speed you got her up to?
  15. Those 235's limit the top speed. I would slap some ZR 245's on there and get a hypertech to remove the limiter.
  16. Experience drivers or not, bald tires or not,used or new cars, high or low chances,especially STREET or PUBLIC racing(heck,including track)= injury or death. There's always factors out there in the real world; driving in high speeds the chances are high in injury or death(s),SAFETY should always be a priority not an option.
  17. I had my 89 gt up to 125 once and it started bouncing up and down like it was trying to take off. I let off the gas and let it coast back to about 100 and then started lightly tapeing the brakes. I did it just to see where the limit was and I was 20 years old. Good thing I am older and wiser with this car.
  18. Ford says the new MustangGT is limited at 150mph, or is it 155, whichever. I'd think it could get there without much trouble(maybe not the automatic version). No doubt, it has the necessary hp and gearing.

    I think it's a bad idea to test top speed on a public road, but many years ago, I did it too. That was before I really realized how dangerous it is.

    The guy who got his admittence used against him(if that really happened) made the huge mistake of openly admitting he'd done it AFTER being accused. The guy who says he's just gone 100+ mph isn't going to be sought by authorities. They simply have too many things to do and they can't win a case like this even if they filed it.
  19. Bottom line.....driving at ANY speed be it 10mph or 130mph has risks. I hope that all of us here are smart enough to not do stupid s*** that increases those risks. That being said, I have gone 130 in my 04 and it handled surprisingly well (WAY better than I expected, actually). It was one time on an open stretch of highway, just to see how the car performed. I have not done so again and probably never will. The jackasses that do 80 down residental streets in the day time are the real punks. :mad:
  20. I have quite afew times, well 143 and on beyond that speed (max I've done according to GPS is 165)