New Stang tops out at 143?

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  1. Romans8:28,
    I am going on a little road trip tomorrow to take part in what I believe is the only public and legal 1/4 mile drag racing event in Germany, its located on the old Bitburg Air Base. On my way up I will attempt a recording of time to top speed. Im sure it would be more accurate on a level surface and no turns but I am sure it will be a good estimate. :flag: :nice:
  2. Did you get to make the run........... time?
  3. Not 143, and not timed.. But my Seat O pants timing meter says, the 138 I did make it to,, Was a long trip,, by the standards I have to base against,, which is some very fast bikes I have owned and ridden.

    I'll go measure the road I used,, and can post the distance it took to run up to speed... if I had more road,, it would go faster,. Felt very stable at speed, got a bit light in the rolling terrain.. But stable non the less. Speedo is off a bit at that speed I'm guessing. The needle was over 140.. GPS's recorded 136, 138, 137, on three runs, two different GPS units were used at the same time. Both recorded the same MAX speeds for each run.
  4. 143 only, I can easily get to that, hell i can get to 230* if i try :D
    check out my gauges


  5. They are programmed to 145MPH but you can up them to 170MPH with a programmer
  6. Mine are the same as well :rolleyes: