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  1. After seeing all the 2005 pictures and the specs, I was wondering how it would match up to the current 2003 Lancer Evolution. The key thing for me is speed and I don't care about some great mustang legacy or being loyal to ford. So how do you guys think ford's new 4.6 3 valve engine will match up to an Evo's 2.0 Liter Engine that cranks out 273 Hp all wheel drive. Btw Whats with the obssession with more liters? Does more liters give you a stronger feel or greater speed? This will possibly be the first mustang that I will ever own and thus I don't know all that much about cars with a great amount of liters in the engine. So i'm quite torn between these cars :bang: and even though i suspect that your response would be biased I'd greatly appreciate any input.
  2. I'd buy a V8 for the sound alone...
    but Torque is SUCH a wonderful thing/feeling.

    While I'm sure the EVO is a great car for what it is "rally"
    To me, nothing beats a nicely tuned V8.
    The potential is great. (mind you anything can be fast for $$$)

    Get what you feel comfortable with.
    Looks, power, accessories, Value Per Dollar.

    $26,000 300hp/315ftlbs of Rear wheel shredding V8 power is pretty damn good if ya ask me.

    Tell ya what.
    Test drive an evo and an 05 GT then make a decision.
    If you want power/feel of what the GT may feel like, try an 03Mach1.
    It won't handle as well, but the V8 power will hook you in good :D
  3. the mustang is going to be 4-5k cheaper, and will be a tick slower because its heavier. The mustang obviously has more power, and potential in it. I'd go with the mustang for a host of reasons, mainly being that after 4k it will be decidedly faster than a stock Evo which costs the same. I also love v8s, torque, and non-ricey looks though.
  4. I'd get the stang for the looks alone. I'd rather own a v6 stang than that ugly evo.
  5. The EVO is a great car and will be more fun to drive than a mustang GT (stock vs stock). But in the long run the mustang has endless potential. How much HP do you want? 500HP will come fairly easy. The EVO is almost maxxed out. And remember a bigger motor making the same power as a small motor means greater torque, and reliability.
  6. Probably would be close in a straightline race, but get in any more demanding speed contest (curves, braking, bumps, all of the above) and I imagine the AWD EVO would eek ahead a touch. The STi, too, would probably fare similarly against the GT, perhaps better matching its straightline prowess than the EVO by dint of slightly more power (300) and one more cog in the tranny.

    As for aesthetics, either visual or aural, I leave that up to your own eyes and ears.
  7. First question I have. Why if you like the car. Do you refer to it as a top ricer car? If I like the car it's not rice until I do something odd to it. Like dancing neon lights. Now as for the differences.
    Mitsubishi Evo MSRP according to mitsu website $28987. I am not going to get into if you can get them lower. Everybody knows car sales are open to negotiation. The $28897 is base no options. Fully loaded is $33955. 271 hp is what mitsubishi is rating them at.

    Ford mustang (Can only get 04 prices) $25470. Fully loaded. $29205 And ford is rating it at 260hp. The prices will go up slightly on the 05 model. But so will the hp to 300.

    Your decision should be based on what you use the vehicle for. If you transport passengers (more than 1 other person) a lot then the mitsu is likely a better choice. Not that the mustang can't do it. It just has less back seat room. If you want hp than mustang is your choice. If you want straightline performance mustang again. But if it's twisties. Well we have no idea how well the new mustang will perform. So a true comparison doesn't exist. Though likely the mitsu will be better. If you want engine potential. Mustang is the car. I've seen a few modified evo's. And while powerful, are not going to put out as much as a modified stang. Without way more work than you are likely to want to do. And without sacrificing durability.

    Me I'm buying the mustang. The evo is a decent car on paper. But I just don't like the look of the front end.
  8. In defense of the Evo, no it's not maxed out. The block they are using is damn near unkillable. I know people locally pushing close to 400 all wheel horsepower with their Evo. The STi is a little different, it seems to be quite breakable right now, that may change as better tuning becomes available for it (a lot of people have broken the STi motors with detonation).

    But it's night & day comparing that to a Mustang, in my opinion. One is a two door RWD V8 coupe, the other a four-banger turbo four door with AWD. I don't know that I could make a decision of one over the other, but I really dont' like the way 4-door cars look, and the Evo in particular looks just like the Econobox that it's based on.

  9. Toss on a Vortech Supercharger to bring the prices closer.

    Now we are talking 271hp vs. what...380-400? Give it wider tires to lay it down, along with a Bassani-X and some Borla Sportsman Mufflers. I bet you forget all about the EVO, which is no doubt a nice car.

    And I didn't even get into torque yet, which is actually probably the biggest difference. Go test drive both cars up a pretty good hill, maybe EVO vs. a Mach1 (or a '04 Cobra although thats in the supercharger realm). That's torque.

    Again, both good cars, really a personal choice, but be sure to try this comparison out so you see what we are talking about, and come back and post your thoughts.

  10. LoL I'm Asian... so in my opinion Mitsubishi/Toyota/Honda = Ricer Cars, I've test driven the Evo but the dealer next to me almost **** his pants when i put that thing in 3rd. It does have awesome speed but the one thing about the mustang that got me was in my friend's dad's 67 GT500 (People are rich where I live, I'm pretty much lower class around here.) Its a definitely different sitting in the two cars and I personally enjoyed sitting in the mustang alot more (lol i wasn't even driving it.) But I also test drove a 2004 GT, the handling is crap and the interior really sux for a 2000+ car. I can't wait to test drive the 2005's based on what I've seen so far. Also I'm 17 and i'm headin off to college next year... and the azn girls wouldn't look twice at a mustang.... so i guess that goes into the decision :D
  11. They may not look twice at it. Until you shred the tires and noone can see anything behind you. :D :D
  12. and leaving them sitting in the wonderful aroma of burning rubber :jester:
  13. u dont sound very low class if yur lookin at 30 thousand dollar cars before u go to college
  14. "u dont sound very low class if yur lookin at 30 thousand dollar cars before u go to college"

    - I know its ridiculous, where i live, every other kid had a 35,000+ car as soon as they got their license. lol as of right now there are 5 G35 coupes, 3 cobras, 2 StIs, 1 Evo, 2 Boxsters, and about a dozen Mercedes and over half a dozen BMWs sitting at in the lot of my HIGHSCHOOL. lol like i said i'm relative poor where i live.
  15. If you are concerned about pulling women the Evo won't do much more than a Stang. Get yourself a used Escalade if that's what you want.

    Personally since it looks like you'll have the cash I'd suggest waiting until mid 05 to see what if any special editions are coming out. If they look anything like the photoshops people have been making and have the power and handles to back them up then you will not have to worry about turning all kinds of heads.
  16. More displacement = more torque.

    The V8 will have more neck snapping power in the lower RPM range. Most low displacement turbo are weak below 4000rpm and don't start making power until after that.

    I think the Mustang is a better bang for your buck, but in the end you should test drive both and pick which one you like best.

    HairyCanary, the Evo block might be stronger than the STI but the Evos have been burning up clutches and trannies.
  17. I dont know about this fellas...i mean i am a mustang man to the core and i would never ever trade my V8 stang for rice...but i think a new STI would walk all over a 2004. Hopefully the 2005's will be faster but as of now...even in a straight line the STI and maybe the mitsu will still beat a stock GT. However with minimal $$ you can get that stang to smoke both those cars, but in the turns and off the line those imports are going to be fast as hell. I mean those cars can leave the line at 5,000 rpm, and not spin at all and be right up in the turbos powerband and never fall out of it. in terms of daily drivers...the stang is going to feel a lot faster because the power and torque is available at such low RPM....its your own choice but i wouldnt trade the sounds look and burnouts of a V8 stang
  18. THe '04 GT is slower but can also be had for $10,000 less than a STI. Mach 1 will beat an Evo and go neck and neck with the STI for $5K-7K less after rebate and the superchraged Cobra will smoke all those cars.

    Like Omegalock said, if you want to impress girls, get a used Escalade, CTS or BMW. 99-04 Stangs are very common and the Evo looks like any other cheap econobox with a wing and rims, chicks won't appreciate its horsepower.
  19. If you can't drive then go with the EVO. If you can go American. :rlaugh: :flag:
  20. where do you live, btw?

    baseline is that the evo will probably be about as fast as a GT (very, very little... and most people can't push the 4wd turbo imports to their limits, so theres a good chance you'd be faster in the stang), will handle a bit better. Looks are a throwup, modern versions of mustangs and evos don't get girls too well (classic mustangs, on the other hand...). For a little while the 05 stang might get you more attentino, that will end as soon as Ford sells enough of them.

    The stang will be cheaper, pocket the difference and add it to exhaust mods, a supercharger, and handling mods... and for the same price you have a car that will annihilate the evo.
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