New Stang vs top Ricer Cars

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Sxhawnn, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. It's pretty much torque, although i love the sound of the Mustang V8 engine over any 4-banger engine. Actually, the new 350Z is about the only non-v8 Exhaust tone i really like.

    Torque is just fun. Something about having as much torque at idle as most cars do at peak gets me going. No need to downshift to go up a hill. Can toss it in 5th gear at 20MPH and still have enough guts to move along no probem.

    Not knocking the Evo, i like em, but they are just not my style. I have driven one and they are two totally different driving styles. The Evo needs to rev, the Mustang makes power from idle. Both are fast, i just like Mustangs that's all.

  2. Evo starts at $29K, Mustang GT starts at $24K. 29-24= 5 as in $5,000

    On top of that Mustangs have a $3000 rebate.
  3. some of you guys are waaaaaaaay to biased when it comes to mustangs...

    but when it comes down to it, id say its all preference. personally, i would only be asking myself one thing. do i want a 4 door, awd, 4 banger? or a 2 door RWD, v8? its stupid to compare prices, and potential because they are so similar. if you are gonna leave it stock, the evo8 is faster and will handle better, but if not, then who cares?

    which would i have? the evo. only because mustangs are everywhere.

  4. So wait a sec. It's all about preference, but yet some of us are biased? This IS a Mustang site, so i guess the majority of us prefer Mustangs. :bang:
  5. well no ****in duh...

    but i think repsect should be given when its due... not "the mustang is waaay better" when its actually not.
  6. Ya, Mustangs are EVERYWHERE and I just heard that over half of those who own Mustangs are chicks :eek: something like 55%, so I don't know :scratch:
  7. You can't buy a Evo 8 in the USA

    THe '05 Mustang GT will be faster than the current Lancer Evolution
  8. Why do people say that, like it's a bad thing. I like women. If they like my car. BONUS!!
  9. They say it because it is a the most standard of cop-out for a lack of fact driven argument.

    Further examples would include but are not limited to...

    They get the same HP from a 2.0 that a stock 2005 Mustang has. (but fail to mention that it is boosted to extreme levels)
    But the STI handles better than the Mustang (as though they have driven the 2005 and fail to remember that AWD is supposed to handle better)
    Mustangs are chick cars. (as though it was a bad thing)
    Mustangs use a live axle and dont handle well (again, without having driven the 2005)
    The STI is faster off of the line. (Math lesson: If Johnny has 4 tires to assist in launching and you take away 2, how many tires does Johnny have left? 2. So with half the traction, it would be reasonable to assume that Johnny would only be able to take off half as fast.)

    These are all unimaginative canned responses for the same argument.

    Although I recognize that every car is considered competition for the sales of other cars, I fail to see the relevance in compairing AWD cars to RWD cars. Turbo I-4s to V-8s, 4 doors to 2 doors, etc.

    The long and short of this is simple.

    Compairing the Ford Shelby Cobra Concept to the Viper is relevant. They are both 2 seat roadsters, both RWD, both high HP and TQ V-10s, both (est) at the same price level.

    Compairing a $35,000 STI to a $28,000 2005 Mustang GT...
    AWD vs RWD
    2 door vs 4 door
    turbo 4 vs NA V-8
    One is currently on the market while no one has actually driven the other.
    The only thing these 2 cars have in common is HP and TQ figures. Beyond that, they are not even in the same sport (WRC and SCCA).

    It is comparisons like these that are contrived to do nothing more than start an arguement that cannot be won.

    I myself am contemplating a new performace oriented vehicle. But I do not compare them for anything beyond what my personal opinion is.

    2004 Lotus Elise
    Mid engine rear driven Toyota 1.8L 187 HP 138 TQ
    6 speed manual
    1975 LBS curb weight
    0 to 60 in 4.8
    Considered by many publications as the best handling car ever made for the street.
    Exclusivity and collectibility right out of the box.
    High resale value

    2005 Ford Mustang
    Price not yet announced EST $28,000 to $30,000
    Front engine rear driven 4.6 3V 300 HP and 300 TQ
    5 speed manual or Auto
    Weight TBD
    0 to 60 TBD
    First total redesign in 25 years
    Will eventually be a classic (25 to 35 years from now)
    Will lose its resale value at a rapid rate until it has reached classic status at which time the value will begin to increase again.

    I am leaning towards the Elise
  10. I would be leaning towards the elise as well. They are supposed to be very nice. But I am not yet into affording a $40k car.
  11. Wrong. The 03 that has been on sale since last year in the US IS the Evo 8. As far as the Mustang being faster, we just have to wait and see when it hits the street if it can beat 0-60 in 5 seconds and run the quarter in the low 13's.
  12. yea, just like mball said you are wrong. dont argue about something that you know nothing about.

    same thing goes with the second statement. you dont know that the gt is gonna be faster than the evo. hell, i give it a higher chance of running mid 13's than running faster than the evo.
  13. Why don't you pull your EVO up next to one? Oh, wait a minute, you would have to own one first.

  14. Actually you and mball are 100% WRONG the Evo 8 is sold in Japan, it is 280HP. The Lancer Evolution is sold in the US, it is 271HP. The Evo 8 has a 6 speed manual tranny. The US Lancer Evolution has a 5 speed tranny. PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE OPENING YOUR MOUTH. I know for more about the Evo than you think. You and mball should not argue about cars you don't know anything about.

    As far as the 2005 Mustang GT being faster, I guess we will just have to wait until this fall. The Evo is a high 13's car, most magazine did a 13.8 with it, MotorTrend actually got a 14.1 with one of theres. My guess for the '05 GT is that it will be a mid 13's car, but I guess we will just have to wait until this fall, no point in argueing now.
  15. :nice: who's the beotch now? I don't know why that boy insists on constantly posting about the EVO(that he does not even own) on this mustang site. My guess is he was kicked off some import board somewhere.
  16. We ARE driving Evo 8's with a few minor adjustments made for the US and the strict emissions laws. Every car they sell in the US and Japan are different due to different laws but it is still consider the same car :rolleyes:
  17. I could be wrong. And probably am. But I thought the evo we have here. Was basically the Evo 7 with Evo8 body parts on it or something like that.
  18. I beleive you are right, THe US Evo is a mix of the 7 & 8.

    Evo 7 = 5 speed manual
    Evo 8 = 6 speed manual
    US Evo = 5 speed manual

    A bunch of other little things make them different too.

    Evo 271HP/3263lbs. = 12.0lbs. per HP
    '05 GT 300HP/3425lbs. = 11.4lbs. per HP

    The '05 Stang will have the Evo beat on power to weight. I don't know what the gearing will be in the stang, but if it is the same as the Evo than it will be faster than the Evo.

    If I had a Z28 I wouldn't go around calling it an SS just because mechanically it was "close enough"
  19. Gearing in the manual I believe is going to be 3.55.
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