New Stang vs top Ricer Cars

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Sxhawnn, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. ARE YOU READING MY POSTS? :bang: i recognize the fact that they are different, now you just need to recognize that they are both evo VIII's. one is just the us version and one is the japanese version. easy as that. understand?

  2. bwahahahahahah :rlaugh:

    and how do you figure?
  3. From your own article you posted "America finally gets the EVO VII". Correct me if Im wrong but a V with two I's after it is seven, not eight. The reason we are arguing it is because its plain ricey to talk up a car to something it is not. Ricer logic dont work on a mustang board too well..

    And about the EVO not lasting 100k without blowing up, it wont last even 30k without blowing up that crappy 4G6Y4HSE5678EDTHD8953 whatevertheheckitis motor. As mentioned before thats the exact motor thats kept my freinds Eclipse in the shop 40% of the time he owned the car. Im talking 4 motors in 2-3 years covered by the factory warranty. Thats rediculous. I cant believe they build that thing still. I figured they would had designed a new engine for this hyped up EVO but I guess not.

    As for the Mustang lasting 100k, it is just getting broken in. We all know that. :flag:

  4. This is getting old and it looks like you do not want to listen to logic.

    The US Evo is a different version of the Evo, it isn't exactly an Evo 8 or Evo VII. It is based on the Evo 8 but with a lot of changes, they aren't 100% or even 98% the same. They have the same engine but different transmissions and differentials. Think of it kind of like the Relationship between the Mustang GT and Mustang Bullit, or Mach1 vs. 99 Cobra.

    The Evo US, Evo 8, and Evo VII are all differnet versions of the Evo.
  5. Everyone has an opinion..... That said it is a LANCER EVOLUTION! That's all it is. I say that because Mitsubishi says so. I went to their official web site and that's what they call it. AND GUESS WHAT.... They are the ones who decide what it is. Now we're all agreed that it's some different than the Japanese 8. And if we can read we are all agreed that the car is called the LANCER EVOLUTION.

    I really appreciate the level of engineering that the car has going for it. It's fast as hell. It handles like crazy. and it even has a back seat. It's definately kinda stereotype rice... NO REALLY It's kinda like John McEnroe....You either love it or hate it. You are definately going to have an opinion.

    Now if someone wants to argue that it is "they" who should name it and not Mitsu.... then go ahead.
  6. my last stang

    my last mustang was a 1996 V6 coupe had 138K on the engine when it crashed. engine ran like new oil was changed every 9000 miles... =p

    next is white or sonice blue 05 GT

    bananas --------------> :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  7. Mitsubishi is currently working on the evo9 to appear in the JDM and USDM market, are you guys gonna call this the EVO 2?
  8. We will call it what ever Mitsu calls it.
  9. Pay no attention to Mball.

    Take a look at all of his posts and the majority of them are about comparing Mustangs to a Mitsubishi car that is not even out yet.

    All he is trying to do is get a rise out of you guys by bench racing. If you ignore him, he will go away.

    For the Record, Mustangs are not in the same class as these new 4-door all wheel drive rice rockets. They are very nice cars, but they are not for me. I am a Mustang fan. Plain and Simple.
  10. But you see, it is NOT the 8th edition. It is the very first edition to come to the states. This is why the USDM is badged as "EVOLUTION" and the JDM is badged as "EVOLUTION VIII". If this car was truly an EVO VIII, it would have the same tranny, styling, diff, YAW, etc.

    As I stated before, I have a 1965 Mustang Fastback GT even though it lacks several key features as a true GT, it is still a GT simply because I say it is. :nonono:
  11. Alright... I'm the one that started this post originally and thanx for all the info and opinions. I guess one of the reasons i'm really thinking about the Evo is because the damn 05 won't be available to me till like november....sigh. But anyways I stopped by the Mitsu dealers and as much as i like those things and their respective performance which Mball has pointed out zealously, the pricing your giving isn't exact correct. First off, the curent Evo's still have a 6 k markup in general jacking the price up to about 35 thousand. Of course the dealers are willing to take the markup off the car to sell but the one thing that does is take away any leverage for you to bargain a price. This is even admitted on the Evolution forums as most people admit they got their current Evo VIII's for a bout 33 K. Now the new Evo MR your talking about is simply amazing, just looking at the specs makes you wanna sell all your belongings and buy one. However, the original Evo VIII's came out and were marked up 10 gs instantly and were still impossible to find because rich azn kids were willing to pay for it. ANd of course the dealer offered me a deal on the new MR and not surprisingly the markup was about nine thousand dollars.
    SO in conclusion... I think I might go with the mustang due to these simple figures.
    Current Evolution VIII: 32-33 K depending on Packages
    Evolution MR: 33K + 9K markup + 4K tax and license makes it a ****in 46K Car. What KIND OF CRAP IS THAT? In all seriousness if i had that kind of money i'll just buy a damn civic SI and make a 6 second car or some ****.
    BTW i checked and you can get a cobra as of today for less than an EVolution VIII.
    SO I guess i'll be getting the 05.... It loox better than that square piece of shiet anyways... haha time to start flaming the Evo
  12. Glad you finally made your decision now i can :lock: this thing
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