New Steeda Rear Chassis X-brace - Keeps Rear Seats!

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  1. If you've eyed our rear X-brace which was more cost effective than the Laguna Seca brace but still required a rear seat delete you either didn't want to do or did but didn't want to pay the cost of the Boss parts, we now have an alternative that not only lets you keep the rear seats in place, but is much more effective as an actual brace.

    Our new Steeda Rear Chassis X-brace mounts to the rear shock towers instead of attaching to the sheet metal behind the rear seats. This design is more effective and distributes the loads between the rear shocks, springs and the chassis, and not just the sheet metal of the vehicle. The result is brace that is much more effective at chassis deflection reduction with improved suspension compliance over a sheet metal mount design, and did I mention you get to keep the rear seats? View attachment 128067


    Direct product link for ordering is here:

    These are in stock now and ready to ship.
  2. Does it fit convertibles? What about GT500 with the subwoofer?
  3. Gotta be serious with this thing. If you need or want truck space you can kiss it good bye with this.
  4. It will not work with convertibles or the subwoofer package.

    You lose some truck space ... but a lot is still able to be utilized.

  5. I've heard great things about this upgrade, the rear end on our cars needs all the support it can get!

    -Nick C.
  6. You can read more here ... one of our customers did a nice write up and took great pictures. You can see by his testimony, he is very happy with this upgrade.

    Do a search and you may be able to find it on all ford mustangs.

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